Cernos Gel (Testogel)

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Substance: Testosterone supplements,
Packing: 14 sachet per box,
Brand: Sun Pharmaceuticals

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In our online store you can buy anabolic Testosterone supplements 14 sachet per box in the UK. Our motto is consistently high quality Sun Pharmaceuticals at an affordable price! We want to make reasonable prices for the original Cernos Gel (Testogel) for each of you. We try to build our work so that you want to work with us again and again.

The extent to which Testosterone supplements and anabolic steroids are effective is determined by their anabolic index – anabolic and androgenic activity, in many this indicator exceeds several times the natural testosterone. If you combine all the positive effects of a variety of anabolic drugs, then Cernos Gel (Testogel) and other steroids can achieve:

  • muscle growth;
  • increase stamina and strength indicators;
  • strengthening inert tissue;
  • burning subcutaneous fat;
  • increase in speed capabilities;
  • increase sexual activity, increase libido;
  • increased appetite;
  • increase motivation for training;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • normalization of the general tone of the body.



4 reviews for Cernos Gel (Testogel)

  1. Jaime Mullins

    Not technically using TRt from a medical point of view, but have been using the cernos gel for around two years with no issues at all. When first took it, I felt a big boost of energy and since then I have felt 30yrs younger than I am. I only use 1 per day so nothing majorly high, but the effects are still amazing to say the least.

  2. Hugh Casey

    Currently 44 and was told 9 months ago I needed to go on hormone replacment therapy from my GP. Didnt want to inject so I started using this on my own accord at 2 sackets per day. After 3 months I went back for a level check and although it was not though the roof, the GP said it was just above 300 so this is okay! This product has saved me a lot of hassle and I am forever greatfull to for this!

  3. Rex Wheeler

    Used this Cernos Gel from Sun pharma for 2 months now and it has worked great. I feel that I has lost some fat and also gained some extra endurance while perfoming my circuit traning. This was the best tip off ive had for regaining my T levels. Never realised they were so low untill I felt 10x better from using this gel. The wife is much happier with my performaces too haha

  4. Ronald Camacho

    This is the first time that I have bought from Sun Pharma, as I was not sure on the brand. I only usually stick with brands that I know, but this was the only Test Gel left in stock. The product is very potent! My size, strength, and libido have all improved since using it and bare in mind im in my 60s! Hope Sun Pharma would provide orals too, but for the moment the Gel works perfectly so im content! Thank you clarkenwell-london-com! Very trustworthy source.

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