Tamilong 20

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Substance: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex),
Packing: 100 pills 20 mg,
Brand: Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd.

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3 reviews for Tamilong 20

  1. Armando Summers

    These Tamilong nolvas are good. Used them every 4th day on a heavy estro based cycle and felt no side at all. Aslo used them for PCT, but is harder to tell when got hCG and Clomid in the mix. Deffo some good quality Tamoxifen here at a good price.

  2. Wayne Hubbard

    Hit a down point the other day and was tearing up over eastenders! Knew the gyno was only round the corner so smashed 20mg EOD for two weeks and never even got puffy let alone lumps. These work much better than most other brands ive used. Is a certain 5/5 for this brand of SERM!

  3. Edgar Stewart

    Clerkenwell-london have some great ais and serms, in my last order I got some tamilong from hab pharmaceuticals and they worked a treat. I use over a gram plus on most cycles so need these with some good ais also. Started with these on week2 and usually I have to add some ai in week 4, but I didnt need them untill week 7 with this run. So these tams are much stronger and maybe even overdosed. Either way they worked great and happy to use this new pharma brand for my pills.

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