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The pharmaceutical company Phoenix Remedies produces Oxymethol, which contains the active ingredient oxymetholone (Anadrol), the strongest anabolic steroid available in tablet form.

Only weight and strength-gaining programmes use oxymetholone. The most potent bodybuilding supplement, Anadrol, is advised if your goal is to gain as much weight as you can. It produced amazing results, adding 15 kg of mass throughout the programme. However, you shouldn’t get overly excited about it because 30% of the weight gain is just liquid that has accumulated over time and will soon disappear.

Athletes over the age of 21 who have previously completed several steroid cycles are advised to take Anadrol. Beginners and bodybuilders who are past their prime shouldn’t use it. These people are more susceptible to the negative effects of steroids, and their risk of developing prostate cancer or liver damage is higher.


Properties and effects of Anadrol

The anabolic and androgenic activities of Phoenix Remedies’ Oxymethol are 320% and 45% higher than those of testosterone, respectively. Because oxymetholone does not aromatise into oestrogen, it essentially has no impact on the production of testosterone, unlike the majority of anabolic steroids.

Joint pain sufferers claim that taking the medication makes their pain disappear.

Oxymetholone encourages the buildup of a lot of water in the muscles and joints and ensures the production of synovial fluid, which has the effect of lubricating the ligaments and joints and healing them.

To increase muscle strength and allow for intense training without causing muscle damage, oxymetholone actively boosts the number of red blood cells and actively excludes excess oxygen from the body.

The problem with oxymetholone is that while it quickly saturates the body’s receptors, its activity rapidly declines once the cycle is underway. As a result, it starts operating almost immediately and then stops doing so. You must either increase the dose or change to another anabolic steroid to prevent this.


Application and dosage for “Naps”

The typical Anadrol dosage is half a tablet to two tablets (25 to 100mg) every day. It may take four to six weeks to complete the cycle. If you weigh more than 100 kg, you can increase your dose to 150 mg per day; however, the cycle shouldn’t last longer than four to eight weeks.


Side effects of Oxymetholone pills

  • Men in the prepubescent stage exhibit masculinization and idiopathic skin hyperpigmentation symptoms.
  • At puberty, priapism and bladder irritability affect men.
  • Prostate cancer and/or hypertrophy in older men
  • Impaired liver function and pathological blood changes are the general effects.


Combination with other AAS

If you are sensitive to the side effects of steroids, it is best to use Anadrol alone or in combination with medications that have low levels of androgenicity rather than combine it with Parabolan, Deca, Primobolan, and Anavar. It will have negative effects if combined with other drugs that have high androgenic activity, such as testosterone. It is common practice to stop taking Anadrol and temporarily switch to Sustanon 250 or testosterone enanthate. A combination of oxymetholone and trenbolone or Sustanon is preferred by professional bodybuilders.


Reviews of Phoenix Remedies’ Oxymethol

Bodybuilders claim in their reviews of Anadrol that while it undoubtedly gives you large, strong muscles, it cannot give you quality muscles.





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