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The psychostimulant Vilafinil, manufactured under the Centurion Laboratories trademark, contains the active ingredient modafinil. Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and attention deficit disorders are among the conditions it is occasionally used to treat.

Modafinil is now used in roughly 20 different nations. It was initially created in the late 1980s to treat narcolepsy, a disorder that causes people to unexpectedly nod off during the day. Narcolepsy affects 0.02-0.03% of the population. Additionally, it is also used to treat other diseases that induce daytime drowsiness.

Properties and effects of Modafinil

Modafinil works differently from other psychostimulants like ephedrine and amphetamine in terms of how it stimulates the brain. Additionally, the body does not synthesise modafinil from compounds of amphetamine or ephedrine.

Different areas of the brain are impacted by modafinil. The improvement in mental reaction time is arguably the most significant impact. This impact pertains to the lower section of the diencephalon, the hypothalamus, where neuronal pathways are stimulated, allowing orexin/hypocretins to operate as intermediate chemicals in the control of sleep-wakefulness.

Modafinil is classed as a doping agent, according to the categorisation. Although its influence on athletic performance has not been investigated, it is thought to boost endurance and speed based on its benefits in practice. Because of its appetite-suppressing action, it is commonly used in bodybuilding to decrease body fat.

Modafinil (Provigil) application and dosage

Centurion Laboratories’ modafinil is obtainable from as separate strips of 10 oral tablets each having 200mg of the active ingredient. Modafinil’s typical dose is 200mg (1 pill) per day, which is convenient. It should be taken orally with water, and it should always be taken in the morning. This guarantees that the benefits of the medicine are felt throughout the day and avoids insomnia at night.

Side effects of Modafinil nootropic pills

Insomnia at night should not occur if the medication is given no later than lunchtime. If enough water is not drunk throughout the day, modafinil may also result in headaches. Dizziness, nervousness or anxiety, back discomfort, nausea, diarrhoea, or an upset stomach are some of the possible adverse effects.

Reviews of Centurion Laboratories’ Vilafinil

According to reviews from athletes, the quality of Centurion’s modafinil is comparable to the more well-known brands Modafin and Provigil, and it is equally effective at reducing fatigue, which increases training endurance.





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