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Substance: Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone),
Packing: 100 Tabs (20 mg/tab),
Brand: Dragon Pharma

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Turanabol is a hormonal medication based on the anabolic steroid 4-chlordehydromethyltestosterone, which is the active ingredient. It is a variant of methandrostenolone with an improved formula that provides the user with more results without any unique side effects. For the duration of the use of anabolic steroids as doping, Turinabol is advised for athletes for whom the strength indicator is significant. Turinabol has consistently been acknowledged as the best steroid for enhancing the physical attributes of strength.

Athletes using Turinabol set the majority of the world records in East Germany. However, this steroid is now widely used in a variety of power sports.

Properties and effects of Turinabol

While the gap between the indices of anabolic and androgenic activity is widened, the Turinabol chemical structure lacks the enzyme necessary for turning androgenic hormones into oestrogen. This enables the user to achieve outcomes comparable to those of methandrostenolone while avoiding cell fluid retention and with better gains in muscle mass and strength.

Turinabol requires more time to build muscle mass, but the anabolic processes are smoother. Despite this, the gained mass has a dryer, more defined appearance, fat deposits are eliminated, and the muscles’ hardness and elasticity improve.

When using Turinabol during a cycle, a person can typically increase dry muscle mass by 5-8 kg, basic strength indicators by 15–25 kg, as well as endurance, explosive power, muscle recovery speed, and other indicators by about 10-15%. Statistics show that the average athlete, without the use of anabolic steroids, can achieve comparable results in one to one and a half years of consistent training with the best diet and a thorough recovery programme.

Turinabol application and dosage

According to recommendations, men should take 20–40 mg of Turinabol daily, while women should take 5–15 mg daily. This dosage enables the drug’s full potential to emerge without causing side effects.

The tablets must be taken on an empty stomach to maximise the bioavailability and complete absorption of the steroid. The daily dose should be divided into 2-3 doses.

Since a Turinabol cycle only lasts 5–6 weeks, gonadotropin and testosterone stimulants are not necessary. As such anti-oestrogens are used as preventative measures at the end of the cycle to raise the level of endogenous testosterone in the blood, reducing the already negligible phenomenon of kickback.

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Side effects of Turinabol

Although they are usually absent, high doses can cause blood pressure to increase and short-term suppression of endogenous testosterone synthesis.

Combination with other AAS

Turinabol solo cycles last six to eight weeks and result in increased strength and lean muscle mass. For eight weeks, a typical steroid cycle stacks Turinabol at a dose of 60 milligrams per day with testosterone propionate at a dose of 150 milligrams every other day to produce lean muscle mass and a toned physique. Additionally, trenbolone, Sustanon 250, and Deca-Durabolin may be combined with Tbol.

Reviews of Dragon Pharma Turanabol

The majority of reviews of Turinabol in the UK online according to analysis, are favourable. Many people have noted that the steroid is safe if the instructions are followed, as well as powerful, efficient, inexpensive, and affordable.




3 reviews for Turanabol

  1. Mack Rakes

    I’m on my 4th week of my cycle and I used Dragon’s Tbol as a kickstarter. Used this at 50 mg but my BP increased so I lowered it down to 40 mg. Everything’s better now and the pumps were inexplainable! This is my first cycle btw and I am sure that I will stick with Dragon forever. Only issue with this is HBP and back pumps but I will definitely use this in every cycle! Great job Dragon Pharma! I would also like to commend clerkenwell-london for fast shipping and safe delivery. Keep up the good work!

  2. Channing Tobias

    I have never been a believer of an oral only cycle but when I used Dragon’s Turanabol, I was amazed by it! I used this at 40 mg daily for 8 weeks and man the gains and strength was insane!!! I was expecting to have sides while using this but i did not experienced any of it. Did my bloodworks and my test levels were on a normal level. I could still maximize gym workouts while using this unlike when I used winstrol.

  3. Luke Kozłowski

    I was into Dragon’s Turanabol during my first cycle and used it as a kickstart. Dosed it at 60 mg, taken everyday in 3 split doses for 6 weeks. Results during and after 6 weeks were insane! My strength and endurance increased and compared to other orals this is exceptional! The gains I had were insane and the pumps. I just can’t explain how stoked I am with Dragon’s Tbol. I also like how it is not toxic to the body and I feel great both mentally and physically. It just slightly elevates my creatinine levels but I still like this. I would rate this 10/10 and would recommend this to my gym buddies!

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