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Substance: Isotretinoin (Accutane),
Packing: 10mg (10 capsules),
Brand: Zenlabs

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Isotretinoin, also known as Accutane, is the active ingredient in the skin-treatment medication Tretizen-10, which is made by Zenlabs. Isotretinoin is prescribed to treat severe cases of acne, including acne that is nodular, conglobate, or at risk of leaving permanent scars, as well as acne that has not responded to conventional treatments. Bodybuilders use it to lessen the symptoms of “steroid acne,” a typical side effect of steroid use.


Properties and effects of Tretizen-10

Sebocytes, the cells that produce sebum, undergo apoptosis, or cell death, which causes a decrease in sebum production. Sebum production is decreased, which prevents pore blockage and the development of acne-causing bacteria. Although isotretinoin does not directly kill bacteria, it does shrink sebum ducts and alter the microenvironment so that bacteria that cause acne are less likely to flourish.

Additionally, by reducing hyperkeratinization through an unidentified mechanism, isotretinoin slows the development of comedones. To reduce inflammation, it might also boost immune system activity.


Isotretinoin caps application and dosage

Isotretinoin therapy should begin with a daily dose of 0.5 mg per kg of body weight. The dose for the majority of patients falls between 10 to 20mg per day. Patients who have torso acne or very severe forms of the disease may need higher daily doses of up to 2 mg per kg. It is consumed orally once or twice daily with meals.

In most cases, 16 to 24 weeks of treatment is sufficient to completely eradicate acne.


Side effects from Accutane capsules

Isotretinoin’s most frequent side effects include:

  • Sun sensitivity increases in the skin
  • Eye dryness
  • A dry throat
  • Nosebleeds and a dry nose
  • General aches and pains, including headaches.


Reviews of Zenlabs’ Tretizen-10

The majority of patients claim that after just one round of treatment, their acne is completely gone.





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