Trenbolone 100


Substance: Trenbolone acetate,
Packing: 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL),
Brand: Dragon Pharma

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Trenbolone 100, a steroid made by the Indian pharmaceutical company Dragon Pharma, has just recently made an appearance on the UK market for sports pharmacology medications. Bodybuilders and powerlifters frequently use it to help them achieve their best athletic results. Trenbolone acetate is the primary active component. It can be obtained in an injection form made of oil. Due to the high anabolic and androgenic effects, there is a high risk of side effects, so you should be especially careful and strictly follow the dosage that has been prescribed by a professional.

Properties and effects of Trenbolone 100

An athlete can achieve the following effects with this steroid when following the advised intake schedule:

  • More rapid muscle growth
  • Significant improvement in fitness and strength metrics
  • A 200% increase in IGF (insulin-like growth factor)
  • Encourages the processes that break down fat deposits
  • Decreases the level of cortisol

Trenbolone Acetate injection application and dosage

A specialist determines the dosage and duration of administration by factoring in experience using steroids, unique physical characteristics, and established goals. The dosage for beginning athletes should typically not exceed 50–100mg every other day. Not more than 5 to 6 weeks should pass between administrations. Gonadotropin is required during the second week of the cycle. Two weeks after the last injection of trenbolone acetate, rehabilitation therapy is administered using Clomid.

Side effects of Tren A

Since the steroid does not aromatize, you can achieve results without endangering your liver’s well-being. Its high progesterone activity, or capacity to inhibit the normal processes of testosterone production, is its only drawback. Other side effects could develop if the cycle length and dosage are exceeded. Aggression, sleep and skin issues, and elevated blood pressure are a few of these.






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