Testoheal Gel (Testogel)


Substance: Testosterone supplements,
Packing: 14 x 5g sachets per box,
Brand: Healing Pharma

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A colourless gel called testosterone gel contains 1% of the male hormone testosterone. For patients whose hypogonadism diagnosis has been established, it is used as replacement therapy. To confirm the diagnosis, there must be three clinical symptoms:

  • Not having body hair
  • Genitalia that are not fully developed
  • Inadequate blood levels of testosterone


Properties and effects of Testoheal Gel

Testosterone is the main active component of Testoheal gel. As soon as the gel is applied to the skin, testosterone enters the bloodstream and starts to develop secondary male sexual characteristics (libido, body fat distribution, hair growth).

Additionally, testosterone controls the levels of nitrogen, sodium, chlorine, phosphate, and water in urine as well as the synthesis of some proteins.


Testogel application and dosage

The medication is sold in sachets that each contains 5 grammes of gel and 50 mg of testosterone, which is the daily recommended dose of this hormone. As a result, you should take 1 sachet each day. Reduced doses of the medication should be used by patients with compromised liver or kidney function.

Blood tests are used to determine testosterone levels following the start of treatment. The daily dosage may be increased by up to 100mg (2 sachets) if required.

The gel is simply applied to the skin in a thin layer; it is not rubbed in. On their own, patients apply the gel to clean, dry, and healthy skin. Because it might irritate the skin, avoid applying the medication to the genital area. The shoulder, arm, or abdomen are the best places to apply it. You must wait three to five minutes after application for the gel to absorb before dressing.

It is advised to take the medication at the same time each day.

The testosterone gel should be applied right away after opening the sachet. The entire sachet’s contents must be used.

In close proximity to another person, there is a chance that the skin-applied gel will partially transfer to their skin, which must be avoided.


  • Utilise only yourself to apply the gel;
  • After the application process, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water; water;
  • Put on clothes as soon as the gel is dry and keep them on for at least six hours;
  • Put off close physical contact with other people—like having sex—for at least six hours before showering
  • Someone else must immediately wash off any gel that they may have unintentionally gotten on their skin with soap and water.
  • Because it could harm the foetus of the child or infant, you should take special care to avoid getting the gel on the skin of pregnant or nursing women.


Side effects from Testosterone gels

Headache, an increase in blood lipids (fats), prostate dysfunction, mammary gland growth, chest pain, dizziness, tingling in the body, memory impairment, affective disorders (mood disorders, nervousness, depression), hypertension, diarrhoea, and hair loss are among the adverse reactions that affect more than 1% of patients.


Reviews of Healing Pharma Testoheal

Online testimonials from Testoheal testosterone gel users claim that the product is painless to use and generally well tolerated.





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