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Substance: Testosterone cypionate,
Packing: 10ml vial (250mg/ml),
Brand: Alpha Pharma

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Are you trying to find a high-quality anabolic steroid that is effective? Do you want to find a medication that only requires a few injections throughout a long period? The best option for you is Testocyp by Alpha Pharma in that case. Both extreme strength sports and weightlifting benefit greatly from this substance.

Properties and effects of Testocyp

The active ingredient in this treatment is modified testosterone, which benefits athletes’ bodies and helps them to:

  • increase in strength and, as a result, better training outcomes
  • Gaining muscle mass
  • minimising pain following exercise
  • strengthening of joints and bone tissue
  • a bigger appetite
  • mood improvement
  • excellent recovery even after challenging, demanding exercise

The substance acts for a maximum of 16 days due to its more complex chemical makeup.

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Application and dosage for Test C injections

Athletes who buy anabolic testosterone cypionate and follow the administration rules will be able to maximise their performance while minimising or even eliminating the negative effects of using performance-enhancing drugs. The following are the guidelines for using the drug:

  • For both novice and experienced athletes, the weekly drug dosage should not be higher than 200 mg to 500 mg
  • A one-to-three-month cycle should be required. It is strongly discouraged to go over this indicator
  • The athlete’s unique indicators, especially their health status, are used to determine the dosage and duration of the cycle
  • The medication works well when combined with stanozolol or Turinabol.

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Side effects from testosterone cypionate steroids

Due to the drug’s high aromatization rate and androgenic activity, it harms the body. When using the drug, the following side effects are possible:

  • Puffiness appearing
  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia
  • A rise in body fat
  • Decrease in testosterone production.

Tamoxifen will handle this perfectly at a dose of 30 mg per day. It is advised to take it for two to four weeks.

Although some athletes view the drug’s high cost as a drawback, the benefits quickly outweigh this drawback.

Because it can result in virilisation, which is the appearance of male sexual characteristics like increased hair growth and voice coarsening, testosterone is categorically not advised for female use.

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Combination with other AAS

The drug works best when combined with 200mg of nandrolone per week.

Reviews of Alpha Pharma Testocyp

Numerous athletes comment on the drug’s high effectiveness and praise its superb value for money. Athletes choose Testosterone cypionate for some additional reasons. It aids athletes in achieving excellent training results and quickly and efficiently gaining muscle mass.




4 reviews for Testocyp vial

  1. Armando Noble

    I was quite shocked at how well this product works. At a cheap price, you still get the benefits of the product. Such a nice product clerkenwell-london-com! Thanks so much!

  2. Jim Spencer

    On the one hand, I’m sad that clarkenwell-london-com isn’t getting the recognition it deserves… but on the other, it means theres more for me! Handling and shipping of package was the best and they give you what you pay for.

  3. Morris Chamberlain

    I am a loyal customer of clerkenwell-london-com and they never disappoint me. I always feel satisfied with the things I have ordered. Just after using this for a few weeks, I gained 20 lbs of muscle. There were no side effects felt and I don’t feel any pain around the injection area.

  4. Joseph Hood

    clerkenwell-london-com and alpha pharma are undefeated! Alpha never fails to come up with stunning products! I had an amazing cycle using this Testocyp 250mg. I ran it with Winny for the last 6 weeks. After this cycle I was down 6% bf with an increase of 17lbs overall. I look fantastic and will certainly use this again over the normal cyp and cutters combined. The results seem to be much better. Great legit product and would highly recommend.

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