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Substance: Testosterone cypionate,
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Traditional steroids are popular among professional athletes who have been lifting more than 100 kg for a long time, as well as amateurs and beginners. One of the top-notch traditional steroids is Testocyp, which is based on testosterone.

A less popular testosterone supplement used by athletes, particularly bodybuilders, is called Testocyp, or testosterone cypionate. It is also one of the most specifically effective treatments for diseases linked to a lack of gonadotropins in men, such as androgen deficiencies and other diseases.

The drug has a great impact on increasing strength and muscle mass. In the pharmacology market, this product is widely accessible, and testosterone cypionate’s cost is the same as that of its analogues with comparable properties. You should have a basic understanding of androgens to be able to comprehend how this remedy functions.

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Properties and effects of Testocyp

Testosterone cypionate, which contains an active ingredient, will aid athletes in gaining muscle mass quickly while also boosting their stamina and strength.

In the case of the correct cycle and dosage, the drug:

  • Enhances response
  • Improves focus and motivation while exercising
  • Enhances libido
  • Strengthens immunity and health.
  • Guarantees incredibly effective muscle growth
  • Reduces joint discomfort
  • Provides vascularity, firmness, and pumping effects.
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Enables quicker recovery after exercise

It is safe to say that the drug’s price is fully justified in light of the highly effective results and minimal health risks.

Testosterone Cypionate depot application and dosage

  • The dosage ranges from 250 to 500 mg per week
  • The frequency of injections shouldn’t exceed once per week
  • The cycle lasts between four and twelve weeks, and going over these limits is not advised
  • Almost any AAS can be combined with the medication. Everything, including muscle building, drying, and other factors, directly depend on the cycle goal.

The use of the medications clomiphene or tamoxifen is advised following the completion of the cycle.

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Side effects from Test C

The following are a few of the detrimental effects:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Acne
  • Water retention within the body
  • Adiposity in women.

Testosterone cypionate tends to aromatize but, unlike other anabolic steroids, it has no negative effects on the liver.

Aromatase inhibitors should be taken throughout the cycle period to prevent negative effects. After the cycle, anti-oestrogens should be taken as well.

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Combination with other AAS

A testosterone cypionate cycle lasts between ten and twelve weeks when an oral steroid (like Dianabol) is added at the beginning. Test cypionate is frequently combined with various anabolic steroids, including Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol or Anadrol, Tren enanthate, Winstrol, and Anavar (to name a few).

Reviews of Alpha Pharma’s Testocyp

In the world of sports, testosterone cypionate is well-known, just like other testosterone-based drugs. Both professionals and amateur athletes are very interested in it. This medication serves a variety of functions. Bodybuilders use it to dry out and gain lean mass, and weightlifters use it to increase their strength.




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  1. Jeff Swan

    I’ve been using Alpha Pharma’s products with my friend. We’ve been running this for a 12 week cycle and we’re already at the 8th week of the cycle. I constantly gained lean muscle and lost 6% body fat. I’ve been using this along with Masteron and I’m totally loving the results.

  2. Dale Barber

    I’ve recently switched to clerkenwell-london-com for my supplements and during the time I’ve become a customer, I never had any issue with this store. I was doubtful at first but when I received my package, all of my doubt went away. I was amazed at the speedy delivery and grateful that I found this site. I’m becoming a loyal customer. Why go to other sites when you have clerkenwell-london-com by your side?

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