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Substance: Testosterone enanthate,
Packing: 10ml vial (250mg/ml),
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Testosterone enanthate, the active substance in the anabolic steroid Testobolin from Alpha Pharma, has a well-deserved reputation among jocks, athletes, and those who just want to gain body weight. After all, it allows not only to gain the necessary muscle mass in a short time but also to significantly increase strength indicators.

Testosterone enanthate (commonly referred to as “Test E”) is an anabolic that has almost zero risk of harming health (when it is used properly). This is a substance that can stimulate muscle growth and weight gain, and it is successfully used by both beginners and professionals. After all, it has pronounced anabolic and androgenic characteristics throughout the day.

It is worth mentioning that testosterone enanthate is often used for water retention, although an aromatase inhibitor can be freely used for fluid retention in the body and for suppressing the processes of bloating.

Properties and effects of Testobolin

The enanthate ester in Testosterone enanthate allows you to quickly improve such indicators necessary for any athlete as body weight and stamina level. It can be freely combined with other potent anabolic steroids; it gives motivation and energy for heavy workouts.

After the intake, many users note a surge of energy and an improvement in their general body condition, as well as a positive effect on the hematopoietic system and, therefore, an increase in the level of red blood cells and oxygen in the blood.

Testosterone Enanthate application and dosage

Testosterone enanthate has a high anabolic index, which means that the effect of testosterone enanthate will directly depend on the correct dosage. Of course, one can buy testosterone enanthate and thoroughly study the instructions, but, if it is all about a small gain of fat or its burning (which is more likely), a large dose will not be required.

Though testosterone enanthate acts for more than one week, experienced bodybuilders and weightlifters inject it at least once every seven days, which is the typical half-life of this substance.

The dosage and the method of injection are decided by the individuals themselves. But, as a rule, for beginners, the dose should not exceed 200 mg over seven days. This may gradually increase to 1000mg, depending on individual characteristics and experience.

The duration of the cycle is about 8 to 10 weeks.

Side effects of injectable Test E

Side effects after taking steroids (hair loss, pressure changes) are absent at moderate doses. And the main thing that you will have to face is the aromatization of oestrogen. To avoid this, you can take such drugs as letrozole or Proviron.

Like any steroid, testosterone enanthate can harm the nervous system, which will be accompanied by outbreaks of unjustified aggression. Therefore, people with mental problems are strictly prohibited from taking testosterone enanthate.

But professional athletes have long found many ways to deal with the disadvantages of steroids.

Combination with other AAS

At the same time, testosterone enanthate is universal and has countless combinations with other drugs. So it can be used solo or as a component of some combinations:

  • For quick weight gain, you can combine it with “Methane”, stanozolol, trenbolone, Turinabol or boldenone.
  • For drying, it is recommended to combine testosterone enanthate with Anavar, Winstrol, propionate or Masteron.

And since this is not a complete list, more accurate dosages should be determined individually. Contact our consultant on the website for free help in preparing the cycle.

During the cycle, it is advisable to follow the training and nutrition regime (preferably sports), and after its completion, clearly follow the instructions for post-cycle therapy (PCT).

To do this, you should minimise weight loss and try to restore the natural testosterone index. It is important to understand that at the end of injecting any anabolic, weight loss always begins. This process is called “rollback.” And PCT is necessary to prevent the muscles from being destroyed even more, further harming the body.

Reviews of Alpha Pharma’s Testobolin

According to reviews of Testobolin, a solo cycle of testosterone enanthate is considered optimal for gaining muscle mass and increasing strength performance, which is why not only bodybuilders but also powerlifters and weightlifters take it.





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