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Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix),
Packing: 10ml vial (250mg/ml),
Brand: Maxtreme

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A mixture of the various testosterone esters makes up the potent anabolic drug Testo-Non-10. Comparing the testing results to those of other anabolic steroids of a similar nature, they show a prolonged effect. Over the past few years, this substance has emerged as the most widely used and well-liked anabolic agent. Both experienced bodybuilders and amateur athletes can use it.

Four testosterone esters make up the active ingredient;

  • Testosterone propionate – 30 mg;
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate – 60 mg;
  • Testosterone isocaproate – 60 mg;
  • Testosterone decanoate – 100 mg;

This composition is not accidental. Different testosterone types function by having varying rates of action and rates of blood absorption. A sportsman, therefore, receives a long and perfectly balanced pattern of testosterone application. In actuality, the only distinction between the ethers is the speed of the effect. Being 100 on the anabolic and androgen indices, Sustanon has the same anabolic effect as testosterone. Testo-Non-10 is available from our steroid shop with delivery to the UK. It is reasonably priced, and reviews of the medication are all favourable.

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Properties and effects of Testo-Non-10

The advantages of Testo-Non-10 cycles include the following:

  • Greatly increases muscle size as a result of improved protein synthesis. In the first month of the cycle, an athlete’s muscle mass can increase by up to 6 kg;
  • Strength and stamina, among other physical attributes, will be improved;
  • Increased appetite while using the cycle for the user;
  • Enhanced blood flow and increased oxygenation of the blood;
  • Increased sexual drive as a result of the body’s testosterone levels rising quickly.

Application and dosage for Sustanon testosterone Mix

The weekly dosage range for Testo-Non-10 is 200 to 800mg for men, and 50 to 100mg for women, but everything is based on the goals set and the bodybuilder’s experience. 

The effects of Sustanon last for up to three weeks; it is injected twice weekly for more reliable peaked levels in the blood, or once per week by the more typical user who dislikes frequent injections. At least 8 weeks for men, and up to 4 weeks make up the cycle’s duration for women. This is sufficient to promote rapid physical property development and muscle growth.

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Side effects from Sustanon Testo Mix

Since testosterone is a hormone produced by men, it is not advised for the typical female athlete. Voice deepening, facial hairiness, and other masculine characteristics could hurt women. When taking testosterone, male bodybuilders may experience the same negative effects.

These potential outcomes include:

  • Acne
  • Greater oiliness of the skin
  • Baldness
  • Due to testosterone’s aromatization process, there may be water retention or gynecomastia.

However, it should be noted that these side effects go away or even stop happening once the cycle is finished. Sustanon causes different reactions in each person. Any negative effects are avoided with proper dosage. Additionally, it is advised to take an anti-oestrogen throughout your cycle to expedite the removal of extra fluid and minimise any potential side effects.

The user’s own body (testes) will produce less testosterone because the body will receive a large volume from the supplement. Therefore, following the end of the anabolic steroid cycle, sexual activity should resume after the PCT. 

Combination with other AAS

This anabolic steroid can be taken alone or in combination with other anabolic steroids. When muscle size and other physical qualities need to be improved as soon as possible, the second method is typically used.

Sustanon works well with other anabolic steroids. Exercise results can be multiplied by several times with proper administration. Sportsmen advise following dosage instructions and taking recovery medications during your PCT. This makes it possible to stop all of the negative effects.

Combining with Dianabol enhances the effects of muscle growth, but this growth will also include some water weight because D-Bols tend to cause the body to retain water. The appetite and endurance both improve at the same time. Additionally, for the ultimate mass-gaining cycle, this medication can be administered along with Sustanon, nandrolone decanoate, and Dianabol. Sustanon, trenbolone, and Winstrol will be the most productive cutting cycles. The benefits of testosterone will be reinforced as a result, and the cycle outcomes will be adjusted to better meet your needs.

It should be noted that taking multiple anabolic steroids at once increases the negative effects on a sportsperson’s body. You can find a variety of preventative medications for avoiding these side effects in our online drug catalogue, including Arimidex, Anastrozole, tamoxifen, Caber (for progesterone problems), and numerous PCT substances.  

Reviews of Maxtreme’s Testo-Non-10

Expert athletes note the high effectiveness of this drug in specialised forums. A bodybuilder will also strengthen their body, add to their strength and endurance, add muscle mass, and improve the blood flow and oxygen delivery to their muscles. Not all medications have this particular set of benefits.




3 reviews for Testo-Non-10

  1. Byron Harvey

    Great product! Was scepticle due to the lower price, but after trying it I cant understand why its cheaper as the gains are no worse than with the bigger brands. Maxtreme has made a nice version here and cant tell the differance from any other good quality sus.

  2. Horace Hampton

    Very happy with the Maxtreme prducts from the clerkenwell site. Used the Testo-Non-10 sustanon and had a great solo cycle. Only ran 9 weeks at 500 P/W but gained just over 16kg and most was clean weight as well. Very effective product and is very well priced too!

  3. Edith Riley

    Orders from Clerkenwell-London.com usually come in around 9-12 days to me in Lincoln. Tried most brands but this time I went for the Maxtreme Pharma Testo-Non-10 which is Sustanon 250. This product worked very well and as it should do for a good quality test mix compound. I am very impressed with this product and its price.

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