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Substance: Testosterone cypionate,
Packing: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml),
Brand: Maxtreme

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Maxtreme Pharmaceuticals produces the highly effective steroid drug Testo-Cypmax. Testosterone cypionate is this medication’s main active component. Up until the 1960s, when athletes started to become interested in steroids, it was the only testosterone ester and had been since the middle of the previous century.

The only area in which this drug is currently used is in sports.

Properties and effects of Testo-Cypmax

The length of body exposure is the drug’s primary characteristic. Although the side chain of cypionate is a little longer than that of enanthate, the duration of action and the mechanism of action are also similar. According to athletes’ notes, this drug has both strong androgenic and anabolic properties.

Although this type of testosterone is fairly expensive, it can be noted that experienced athletes prefer it because they are aware of its high quality, which ensures excellent results.

Favourable traits of Testosterone cypionate:

  • Gaining muscle mass effectively
  • Strength and endurance levels increase
  • An increase in libido
  • Higher appetite
  • Motivation during training to increase

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Test C application and dosage

Testosterone cypionate is offered for injection only. Given the impact on the athlete’s body over the long term, this method of release is very practical. As a result of the athlete’s lack of need for frequent injections, different bumps and bruises are not visible. The steroid should only be used once a week to get its effects. The athlete can maintain a very stable hormonal background while at the same time remaining within the parameters of safe indicators thanks to this application procedure. Each athlete’s dosage is determined specifically for them. For new users who have never used steroids before, it is best to start with a dosage of 200mg once a week. For experienced athletes, 500 mg per week will be the ideal dosage.

Men’s cycles shouldn’t last longer than 12 weeks. It is not advised for women to use this medication.

Side effects from Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate experiences some side effects, just like many other testosterone-based medications. However, they are few and do not have the same impact as in other situations.

Testosterone cypionate’s side effects only show up when injections are misused, dosage levels are increased, or the cycle is lengthened.

It should be noted that athletes who are predisposed to specific medical conditions may experience side effects. Remember to research Testosterone cypionate’s effects on the body before starting a cycle, to keep track of any side effects, and to understand how the drug works in your body.

  • Androgenic effects

In men, high testosterone levels are not always a good thing. Even this may have negative consequences. Acne and oily skin are manifestations of the negative effect. Additionally, issues with hair-both the result of loss and an increase in the growth-could manifest. The drug can occasionally cause a drop in the body’s natural testosterone levels. After the cycle is over, the athlete’s hormonal background returns to normal, and the side effects do too.

  • Rollback

For bodybuilders and weightlifters, having too much fluid in the body is a recipe for disaster. The athlete may lose up to a third of the mass they had gained before the race is over and the water has left their body. These issues can be solved with the right post-cycle therapy.

  • Effects of oestrogen

The amount of aromatization in the drug is extremely high. This indicates that male athletes’ bodies start to release female hormones. Severe oedema, gynecomastia, and fluid build-up in the body can result from this. These effects are reversible, but using anti-oestrogenic medications is required.

Combination with other AAS

Keep in mind that this drug works well when combined with other medications. The drug should be combined with nandrolone for a powerful and high-quality set of muscles. Boldenone is a further frequently used combination. Testosterone cypionate is calculated separately in each of these scenarios.

Reviews of Maxtreme Testo-Cypmax

Athletes generally have positive things to say about Testosterone cypionate. Once a week, the use of the drug reveals its high efficacy, making it appealing to both beginning and experienced athletes. Although it takes time to take effect, it is still the best choice for all athletes who have the time to train. Pharmaceutical tests are typically preferred by athletes during the competition period.




4 reviews for Testo-Cypmax

  1. Freddie Drake

    I’m loving this brand so far. Been using 500 mg of this product for a few weeks and I’m smitten with the results – my strength, definition and size! I won’t ever switch to other brands.

  2. Harold Stuart

    I heard a lot of good things about clerkenwell-london-com from my friends and I am quite impressed with how clerkenwell-london-com handled my order. They shipped the item just before the estimated delivery time and the packaging was very secured, no damage and discrete.

  3. Kevin Walters

    This is the best Cyp Ive bought ever since the old product I was using. The shipping was incredibly fast, I got this order after a few days of placing my order.

  4. Darrick Franco

    This is the first time that I used a single estered compound for a solo cycle and it was great for my recomp cycle that I did. I took 1cc per week which was 250mgs of test. It helped me gain some good mass gains without too much bloat. I highly recommend this and all of Maxtreme’s other products, as after trialing a few, they do the job just as well and dont hurt the budget as much!

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