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Substance: Liothyronine (T3),
Packing: 25mcg (100 pills),
Brand: Maxtreme

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The T3-Max-25 from Maxtreme can efficiently remove any extra fat layer, making the results of training much more noticeable. Athletes frequently use specialised drugs such as Liothyronine (T3) to burn fat cells and develop more pronounced defined muscles.

Properties and effects of T3-Max-25

The triiodothyronine found in thyroid hormones is the basis for the drug’s development. It is comparable to the thyroid hormone, which controls metabolism. The following outcomes can be seen as a result of the substance being recognised by the body as a natural hormone:

  • The burning of subcutaneous fat happens quickly
  • A shorter time spent recovering after exercise
  • The immune system gets stronger
  • Workouts that were difficult get easier
  • Hunger levels noticeably decline
  • The skin gets firmer and more attractive
  • The body starts to dry out

Liothyronine application and dosage

Since the medication has a significant impact on a variety of bodily functions, you must closely monitor your condition and dosage while taking it.

The recommended starting dose is 25 to 50 mcg, and you should gradually increase it throughout the cycle to the daily maximum of 100 mcg (0.1 mg). The cycle may last for up to six weeks.

Vigorously exercising and consuming a healthy diet are essential during the cycle. Protein-rich foods are preferred because they will help you maintain your muscle mass.

Side effects of T3 weight-loss pills

Potential negative effects include:

  • General ill health or apathy
  • Headache
  • Feeling of queasiness
  • Acne
  • higher blood pressure

Combination with AAS

PCT, in addition to exercise and a healthy diet, must be followed after the drug’s cycle of administration. This will help you to consolidate your anabolic steroid gains, make your muscles more noticeable, and reduce your overall body weight.

Reviews of Maxtreme’s T3-Max-25

Because of its high potency, seasoned bodybuilders and athletes prefer to buy liothyronine. When used properly, the medication is safe. It offers rapid weight loss and gives muscles a gorgeous, well-defined appearance.




6 reviews for T3-Max-25

  1. Gerard Stone

    Was majorly overweight from the 2 years off I had from knee surgery and struggled to shake off the extra weight. Used these T3-Max 3 week on and 2 weeks off and this has been the only effective product that has actually helped. Been on for just under 3 months now and have lost 17.6kg! This substance is magical and aslong as I keep my diet on point, it just falls off of me. They should have this kind of treatment availible on the NHS!!

  2. Danny Perez

    Really good product from clerkenwell-london for weight loss. Used their t3-max from maxtreme and feel like a have a different life. Tried shaking my body weight with all kind of cutters and dieting pills but nothing works. After only 1 week on these t3s I started to burn fat rapidly and it didnt stop. I look like a new man already and only on month 2. Cant thank you guys enough for recommending this product!

  3. Christopher Griffith

    Holly shit these T3s are very effective! Got them in just under a week to me in Camden, LDN. The guys at the clerkenwell london site were very helpful and assured me these were the real deal. After seeing my wasteline almost disapear, they were not lying! Such an amzing weight loss suppliment.

  4. Kerry Readdie

    I incorporated T3 to my prop, mast, tren ace and anavar cycle and I was stoked at how shredded and big I became. Never expected it from this product. Good job Maxtreme and special thanks to clerkenwell-london for handling my products well.

  5. Ezra Wade

    T3 is the best out of all! I personally like this than clen and winny! Maxtreme’s products are insane! They have the best products and clerkenwell-london com gives the best products for you. Great job!

  6. Mieczysław Shepard

    Used Maxtreme’s T3 and ran this aling with my cycle for 3 months. I was not expecting anything from this but after 1 month of usage all of my stubborn fat was lost and it was not gained easily! Will probably use this for my bulking cycle to look more defined.

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