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Sustanon is made by the pharmaceutical company BM Pharmaceuticals under the trade name Sustaviron-250. Currently, athletes frequently use this AAS substance, which is a blend of four different testosterone esters: 

  • Testosterone propionate (30mg/ml)
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate (60 mg/ml)
  • Testosterone isocaproate (60 mg/ml)
  • Testosterone decanoate (100 mg/ml)

The information provided here will be helpful for beginning bodybuilders who are curious about what this multi-estered popular compound can offer and why it has become the “go-to” substance for many bodybuilders and athletes. Experienced bodybuilders are aware of all the peculiarities of taking this anabolic.

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Properties and effects of Sustaviron-250

Some athletes are convinced that combining all of the individual testosterone esters found in Sustaviron-250 will produce results comparable to those obtained with Sustaviron. However, this is not possible because pharmaceutical companies use a specific technology that allows these esters to strategically align with one another and then release the most potent combination of absorption rates to feed the blood with the essential hormone for the best performance outcomes. This cycle with Sustanon maintains a high and smooth anabolic balance for a considerable amount of time because this steroid has both short-term and long-term effects.

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Some assert that taking testosterone enanthate by itself can produce this outcome. This is partially true, but keep in mind that because the enanthate ester requires a long cycle, side effects and other problems frequently surface. The results are flawless because Sustaviron-250 takes effect quickly after administration and lasts for a longer period. 

Additionally, Sustaviron-250 permits less water retention compared to the enanthate ester, where more water weight is retained as a result of the blood only circulating the longer-acting ester of testosterone enanthate. When compared to purchasing numerous separate compounds to combine in a cycle, this multi-estered anabolic compound is also relatively inexpensive.

Muscle growth won’t be a concern for you when using Sustanon because you’ll notice the growth of physical attributes during the cycle. Sustaviron-250 can treat athletes who have pre-existing conditions from prior injuries or who experience joint pain, relieving them of their concerns about lifting heavy weights. However, due to the high load that the exercises place on their joints, this factor is crucial for all bodybuilders. This medication is ideal for those who want to obtain all of these advantages with just one or two injections per week and also has potent anti-catabolic properties.

Application and dosage for Sust 250

For the typical athlete, a weekly dose of 250–500mg is advised for men, but 800mg may become more suggestible once you’ve completed a few testosterone cycles. For female users, the dosage range is 50 to 100mg per week.

Sustaviron-250 should be taken initially at a lower dosage; after determining your tolerance and gaining experience with the medication, you can gradually increase the dosages over the following cycles.

Beginner male athletes should not use this steroid for more than 8 weeks at a time, and female athletes for not longer than 4 weeks. This is so that their bodies can get a break and allow their hormones to recover quickly and effectively in preparation for the next cycle. 

Side effects from Sustanon 250 mix

Please be aware that all forms of testosterone substances used can interact with the enzyme known as aromatase, which turns testosterone into oestrogen. Cycles should contain Anastrozole or any other medication that belongs to the class of aromatase inhibitors to prevent a sharp growth of oestradiol (oestrogen) within the body. If any oestrogenic problems develop during your cycle, you can take these. For the natural hormones to recover after the cycle, comprehensive post-cycle therapy is needed.

Combination with other AAS

Other steroids may be combined with Primobolan. This drug is frequently combined by athletes with methandrostenolone, nandrolone, Sustanon, and testosterone. Primobolan and Winstrol are combined to enhance the quality of the muscles. The dosage in this situation should be half that of taking the same medications alone.

Reviews of BM Pharmaceuticals Sustaviron-250

It should be noted that the drug has received no unfavourable reviews. All athletes concur that it is an extremely effective anabolic that allows for noticeably bettering athletic performances.





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