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Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix),
Packing: 10 mL vial (350 mg/mL),
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The most potent and effective drugs for building muscle mass and size for that bodybuilding physique are testosterone ethers. Since testosterone is the foundation of all proper cycles, this multi-estered mixture is the ideal compound for the highest level of growth. As a result of the fact that many consumers of pharmaceuticals are aware of this, the producer Dragon Pharma presents its ideal solution, which consists of a blend of the top 3 testosterone esters that are frequently used in weight-gain sports: 

  • Testosterone propionate 50 mg
  • Testosterone cypionate 100 mg
  • Testosterone enanthate 200 mg

It can be combined with all other drugs and is ideal for gaining muscle mass. Both novices and experienced bodybuilders and professional athletes can administer it.

Sustanon costs a little more than other individual testosterone esters, but this is fully determined and justified by the perfect combination and convenience of having all esters contained in a single substance. One Sustanon injection is simpler to administer than three separate ones—both for comfort and, more importantly, for practicality and effectiveness! 

Sustanon cycles give the user the ability to rapidly gain a significant amount of muscle mass in a short amount of time. However, it should be noted that the anabolic does not significantly dry out the muscles; rather, this substance is well known for its capacity to increase muscle mass. To help define the large muscle that has been gained, a drying cycle will be required if you want to gain attractive, lean, and dry muscles.

Properties and effects of Sustanon 350

  • rapid growth in muscle mass and volume;
  • combined use increases unparalleled strength;
  • mild water retention to improve the health of the joints;
  • increases in strength and endurance;
  • a negligible calorie burn and corresponding definition;
  • increased appetite while on cycle for the user;
  • increased sexual desire, libido, and erections;
  • moderate rollback, which is avoidable with appropriate post-cycle therapy;
  • after the water is removed at the end of the cycle, good muscle quality is gained.

Testosterone Mix application and dosage

The drug can be safely injected into the thigh or deltoid muscles, but it should be injected into the glute muscle because it is quickly absorbed there. The user may experience some negative effects, some of which may occasionally be irreversible if the cycle duration exceeds 8–10 weeks. 

Being the strongest form of this testosterone mixture, this drug’s typical dosage for people looking to build muscle is 350–750mg per week. Even amateur athletes can easily afford Sustanon 350 due to its affordable price, which significantly improves their athletic performance. Please pay close attention to the dosage during the first phase of the drug’s administration, though, as this stunning and potent version may take some athletes by surprise. 

To avoid any shutdowns on the user’s natural testosterone production, it is advised to use chorionic gonadotropin drugs like hCG if you run a cycle with a higher dosage or lengthen the cycle’s duration.

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Side effects from Testo Mix 350

Testo Mix 250 solo cycles are generally safe, and the aforementioned dosages don’t have any serious side effects. When the dose of 500-1000mg per week is exceeded, which is not advised, feminization and fat gain due to the increased level of female hormones occur. Use Testo Mix 350 along with other anabolics to get the best results if you want them.

Testo Mix 350’s water retention is not considered a negative side effect because it strengthens the joints and allows your tendons to be lubricated during strength-training exercises, both of which significantly lower the risk of injuries.

Anastrozole should be given roughly between the third and fourth week of the cycle. 0.5 mg is administered every two days. Even at high doses, this prevents the symptoms of feminization and minimises aromatization. In the final weeks, gonadotropins can also be taken to encourage the production of natural testosterone levels. For three weeks, take 1,000 IU once every third day.

Post-Cycle Therapy

After the final Sustanon injection, the post-cycle therapy should be started 10 to 14 days later. Use tamoxifen or Clomid during this healing period. Because nandrolone-based steroids have a progestin-like nature and are not compatible with the first drug tamoxifen, cabergoline is used instead. For a full recovery, the cycle should last two to four weeks.

Reviews of Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350

Due to the testosterone esters’ ease of control, particularly following drug withdrawal, Dragon Pharma’s testosterone blend frequently receives favourable feedback. 





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