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Substance: Methyl drostanolone (Superdrol),
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Methasterone, also known as Methyldrostanolone and known by the nickname Superdrol, is a synthetic and orally active anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS) which was never marketed for medical use. It was brought to the black market in a clandestine fashion as a “designer steroid.” This oral agent can be used by both male and female athletes due to its low androgenic activity. This steroid has become one of the most widely used substances for its positive effects on both the skeletal and cardiovascular systems.  

The positive effect of Methyldrostanolone

The overwhelming majority of athletes who use Superdrol, see this solution as a cutting steroid that will allow them to not only preserve their lean muscle mass when they are starving their bodies while dieting, but also to continue to add lean muscle mass at the exact same time. This was once a process that most in the fitness and athletic communities never thought was possible, but Superdrol not only makes it possible, but actually makes it rather effortless to pull off. 

This is because this steroid does not entail any of the notorious water retention that so many other oral anabolic options do, forcing those that use other steroids to look as though they have water balloons of fluid just underneath their skin, even after they have spent weeks or even months trying to get rid of the excess fluid.

Although there are many positive effects that this steroid provides, the most commonly sought after positive effects include:

• Lean muscle mass gain;

• Strength and endurance enhancement; 

• No water retention on cycle; 

• No risk of Gynecomastia; 

• Major muscle pumps. 

Finally, alongside its other many great benefit, this steroid also reduces the muscle recovery times and increase cardiovascular abilities. It is not exactly the strongest steroid that has ever been manufactured but the improvements that you will notice will certainly be significant. With its use, you will have all the fuel that you need to power through even the most challenging and gruelling of workouts and you will also have the endurance levels to push past the inevitable muscle fatigue that usually hits hard within the last few sets of your workouts.

The recommended dosages of Superdrol

With Superdrol, Bodybuilders typically take anywhere from 10-20mg per day, for a total duration of 4-6 weeks. Some advanced bodybuilders go as high as 30-40mg per day, but this is really playing Russian roulette with your liver’s health. Because of its devastating effects on the liver, a 4 week Superdrol cycle is the maximum recommended time of use for most bodybuilders or beginner athletes.

For female athletes, although the use can be frowned upon due to the nature on the female anatomy, most female athletes have already weighed up their options and if they have decided to use Methyldrostanolone, the dosage should be taken between 5-10mg per day for a total of three-four weeks in duration. 

Due to Superdrol’s active half-life, for both parties this substance should be taken twice daily. For the best results and peaked concentration levels within the blood stream, it is recommended to take half of the daily dose in the morning and the other half of the daily dose within the evening.  

Potential Superdrol side effects

As with any other anabolic substance, if you do not exceed the recommended dosages and follow the dosage regimen, then these side effects should not affect you. Superdrol is known for its lesser side effects that other oral compounds, but one negative effect that is associated with Methyldrostanolone is its toxicity to the liver. This is why cycles are kept down to four weeks in duration, as to give the liver time to repair and recover after the use of this compound. 

Some of the other main side effects associated with Superdrol are:

• High androgenic effects felt on the cycle; 

• Higher risk of natural shutdowns;

• High toxicity; 

• Fatigue;

• Acne;

Hair loss.  

When running Superdrol, if these side effects occur, they can be lessened by running a liver cleansing supplement and some hCG to keep the natural production of testosterone alive. Due to the higher androgenic effect that is felt from the cycle, female users need to be careful when using this drug and in no case excess the maximum recommended dosage. 

Where to buy Superdrol?

You can purchase genuine Superdrol within our online shop, We guarantee only confidence for our customers when purchasing their desired compound as we only stock and sell original pharmaceutical products. You can find a unique code on the side of your product and these codes can be used to verify the product’s authenticity via the main manufacturers website to ensure the validity of the substance. Start your journey towards that lean and defined body today with Superdrol.




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  1. Daniel Washington

    I love my Superdrols from Dragonpharma. Dont like using the jabs too much but wanted to run some Mast to shape up. Wasnt untill I noticed there was Methyldrostanolone availible that I started ordering these tabs. They work amazing!! My stamia is up, dropped 3% in 6 weeks and they dont give any horrid sides. Perfect orals for drying or even for within active sports like me. Managed to add on 8km on my rows and am down by 7mins on my supersprint circit. Amazing product!!

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