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Substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH),
Packing: 10 vials (10IU vial),
Brand: Maxtreme

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Not every athlete will be able to achieve their desired goals and bulk up their dry muscles. This mostly happens because certain hormones are deficient. With no additional health risks, modern sports pharmacology has developed some techniques to make this process simpler. Purchasing Somatropin from reputable producers like Maxtreme Pharma aids in helping your body achieve the results it needs.

But it’s crucial to give this medication throughout the entire cycle. It is possible to lose fat deposits and gain up to 10 kg of lean muscle mass in such a situation. We advise working with reputable businesses that only provide original products to ensure effectiveness and no harm to your health.

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First, active PED ingredients were used to treat a variety of illnesses. As a result of the fat-burning properties that gave them a beautiful body shape and defined muscles before competitions, bodybuilders started using it for sporting purposes.

The drug is currently used by both professional athletes and regular gym goers who want an extra layer of protection and training enhancement.


Properties and effects of Soma-Max-10

The characteristics of this drug that stand out the most are:

  • Improved endurance during workouts and exercises.
  • Bones, ligaments, and joints get into better shape.
  • Subcutaneous fat has significantly decreased, along with on-site fat burning.
  • A diminished sense of hunger and less fatigue.
  • Clearly defined body composition and physically improved signs.
  • Improved defences for the body’s cells and other systems.
  • Increased effectiveness of other bodily processes and cells.
  • Larger and more defined muscles.

Please be aware that using anabolic steroids frequently will cause an unbalance in your body. Therefore, the medication is not advised for those who are allergic to this substance, and it is strictly forbidden during pregnancy. For the majority of athletic requirements, it is recommended to combine it with Boldenone and Testosterone.


HGH application and dosage

Before purchasing and injecting the drug, we advise speaking with a licenced sports physician or an anabolic coach to determine the dosage and rule out any sensitivity to any of the drug’s components. Also to be noted is the potential discomfort associated with injections; in these instances, you can administer this medication intramuscularly into the glute or shoulders for improved comfort.

Typical dosage schedule:

  • Beginners should not take more than 4 to 6 IU per day.
  • Professional athletes may require up to 10 IU per day (it is advised to divide this amount into two injections, 5 IU in the morning and 5 IU in the evening).
  • Due to the excessive growth of the heart muscle, the cycle duration can be 1.5 months, but it shouldn’t be longer than 6 months.


Side effects from Somatropin injections

When used excessively or abusively, Soma-Max may have some unwanted side effects related to individual intolerance to certain ingredients.

The majority of side effects are rather rare and are brought on by improper use or dosage. Administering growth hormone along with appropriate and balanced sports nutrition, regular exercise, and training regimens is crucial.


Combination with other AAS

Unlike most other anabolics, the hormone itself does not have these undesirable effects. It is advised to combine it with various anabolics to reduce body fat and build more muscle mass.

There are numerous effective AAS combinations, such as when used in conjunction with testosterone enanthate.

When this PED (performance-enhancing drug) is used after the anabolic cycle is over, there is a common pattern. With this method, the outcome of the muscle gain can be quantified, and any rollbacks after the cycle are over can be avoided. This technique is typically used with anabolic steroids like Anadrol, Dianabol, or long-acting testosterone esters where a rollback is unavoidable.

The best combinations for drying your body out include those that include Anavar. Pay close attention to your diet during this cycle. It is advised to consume professional sports nutrition with high protein content and the necessary microelements and amino acids.

While it is crucial to follow a treatment plan to recover the hormonal underpinnings, this amazing substance will significantly shorten or, in some rare instances, eliminate the need for that treatment altogether!


Reviews of Maxtreme Soma-Max-10 HGH

One of the most popular drugs in sports pharmacology is Soma-Max. The substance has gained a lot of acceptance and favourable reviews from both amateur and professional athletes. Therefore, if the medication is administered correctly and all instructions are followed, the results will be favourable. Nearly all the reviews are positive, particularly from professionals. Its high effectiveness and minimal negative effects on the body make it the most advantageous PED available.




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  1. Nathaniel Guerrero

    Delivered to me in London within 9 days! Easiest service ive used for gear and the GH was on point. Went for the Maxtreme Soma-Max 10 100IU kit. All three kits looked good quality with no damage. Been using now for 5 weeks and cant complain. Done the usual serum test and after 3 hours my serum levels were sky high, so I am very happy with the quality of this GH. Have used other products from Maxtreme also and they dont seem to disapoint! Clerkenwell is obvs a great middle man for these pharma products.

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