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Sportsmen from all over the world use the androgenic and anabolic steroid Rexobol-50 by Alpha Pharma.

These pills have a structure derived from dihydrotestosterone and the active component stanozolol (also known as Winstrol).

All athletes can use it fairly easily because it doesn’t harm the liver’s function. The pills are hepatotoxic because of the alkene group in 17-alpha. However, they don’t have many other side effects.

Properties and effects of Rexobol 50

The active substance has a 320% anabolic rating and a 30% androgenic rating. Despite being a progesterone antagonist, stanozolol does not prevent the progestogenic effects of nandrolone. Eight hours after the initial ingestion, it remains active. Because it is detectable by dope tests after 360 days, it cannot be used by competitive professional athletes.

Winstrol’s primary side effects include:

  • Appealing, well-defined muscles
  • If combined with trenbolone, gaining quality muscle mass
  • Greater appetite
  • Globulin, which binds sexual hormones, is produced at a lower level, making other anabolic steroids more effective
  • Removing too much water
  • Effects against oestrogen and progesterone
  • Increased toughness and stamina.

Oral Winstrol application and dosage

The daily pill dosage ranges from 30 to 50 mg, but 20 mg is sufficient if the user wants to gain strength.

The cycle lasts for one to one and a half months. Extending this cycle’s duration as a novice is not reasonable.

After the cycle is finished, post-cycle therapy is crucial for restoring normal physiological properties.

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Side effects of Stanozolol pills

One of the least dangerous PEDs is stanozolol. To avoid sprains and other injuries, take it carefully and gradually increase the load. The pills cause liver damage. Hepatoprotective supplements like Milk Thistle are advised to be taken to lessen the side effects.

The following negative effects could happen:

  • Acne and pimples
  • A reduction in the production of natural testosterone.
  • Elevated blood cholesterol levels
  • Loss of hair

Combination with other AAS

This steroid can be combined with other anabolics to boost its effects and lower its risk of side effects. For this, Anadrol or Dianabol are frequently used.

The anabolic activity will be strengthened, and the negative effects will be inhibited by the stabilising effect of stanozolol. The daily maximum dose of 50 mg should not be exceeded during a combined cycle.

Reviews of Alpha Pharma Rexobol 50

According to athletes with moderate fat deposits and medium mass, the best time to use stanozolol for building attractive, well-defined muscles is during drying periods.





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