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The active ingredient in Proviron, a steroid medication from Dragon Pharma, is mesterolone. It is taken orally in the form of tablets.

When the body’s levels of male hormones drop, which can have a negative impact on health and muscle growth, taking this medication is intended.

Proviron improves potency, encourages an increase in free testosterone, and boosts libido.  Although it is actively used to dry muscles, which improves their density and definition, it is not intended to promote muscle growth. Since Proviron is an anti-oestrogenic drug, its primary use is to reduce side effects.


Properties and effects of Proviron

  • Inhibits aromatization
  • Increases the body’s production of testosterone
  • It promotes the production of sperm.
  • It has a marginally androgenic impact.
  • Improves muscle definition and density


Mesterolone application and dosage

It is preferable to select a specific dosage after consulting with a knowledgeable specialist.

The recommended dosage of mesterolone is 25–50 mg per day to completely eliminate the possibility of side effects. For drying, Proviron is taken every day in doses ranging from 50 mg to 100 mg.

Proviron has an activity that lasts no longer than 12 hours after the last application, which explains why it must be taken daily.

The length of the drug cycle depends on the unique physical characteristics of each person, but it shouldn’t last longer than three months because if it does, there is a higher chance of the drug having unfavourable side effects. Proviron is typically administered throughout the cycle rather than as post-cycle therapy.

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Side effects from Proviron pills

The drug has no impact on the liver’s functionality when taken at a moderate dosage. There is a higher chance of side effects when a person is intolerant to Proviron’s ingredients and takes too much of it.

If you adhere to all necessary instructions and recommended dosages for this medication, then the likelihood of serious issues and unfavourable reactions is virtually eliminated. Proviron may have androgenic side effects if taken incorrectly, including but not limited to:

  • Growth in the rate of hair loss
  • Increased perspiration
  • Skin issues


Combination with other AAS

Your body will reach a point where it can no longer advance, and all of your results will become unchanged. The majority of athletes can increase their muscle mass with the right combination of additional steroids. It boosts erectile function and raises bioavailable testosterone levels, which reach 90%. Since Nandrolone, Trenbolone, and comparable drugs can lower libido, it makes sense to combine them with Proviron in a cycle.

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Reviews of Dragon Pharma Proviron

The majority of athletes claim that adding Proviron to their cycle, particularly in the middle, helps them gain more muscle mass during their steroid cycle.





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