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Substance: Mesterolone (Proviron),
Packing: 25mg (50 pills),
Brand: Alpha Pharma

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One of the synthetic androgens that enable an athlete to improve the quality of their sexual life, and overall state of health, increase the concentration of free testosterone, and minimise the conversion of steroids into oestrogens is Provibol, produced by Alpha Pharma.

Mesterolone, the primary active ingredient, has a negligible anabolic effect. It reduces oestrogen production, thereby preventing the manifestation of oestrogenic side effects. Athletes choose to purchase real Provibol from Alpha Pharma at prices below pharmacy prices because of these benefits.

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Properties and effects of Provibol

  • Can cause oestrogen levels to fall and androgen levels to rise
  • You can increase the quality and concentration of testosterone thanks to the medication’s unique composition
  • It expedites the development of muscle mass
  • Boost the calibre of your sexual life
  • Reduces the occurrence of oestrogenic side effects
  • Reduces the body’s tendency to retain fluid
  • Enables you to develop more rigid and superior muscle mass


Proviron application and dosage

Amateurs and inexperienced athletes can use the drug in doses of up to 50 mg per day. Athletes with prior experience using sports pharmacology medications can take the drug daily in doses ranging from 50 mg to 150 mg.

In the reviews, many athletes point out that using more than 100mg of the drug each day enables you to cycle much longer. It is advised to split the daily dosage into several intakes for maximum effectiveness.

The cycle’s length can range from eight to twelve weeks.

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Side effects from Mesterolone pills

If taken incorrectly, Provibol can cause prostate hypertrophy and hair loss. However, these negative effects are very uncommon and only happen when the dosage is greater than 100 mg per day or the cycle duration exceeds the allowable period.


Combination with other AAS

The drug intensifies the androgenic effect of other anabolics, including Winstrol, Primobolan, Oxandrolone, and Winstrol.

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Reviews of Alpha Pharma Provibol

Reviews of Provibol indicate that athletes primarily use it to get ready for sporting events.




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  1. Randolph Gallegos

    This Provibol is the best proviron that I’ve tried! Used many before but couldnt feel the difference, but with the Alpha, I only have to run 25-50 per day and I can feel myself recharge quicker along with feeling generally better when running high doses of Sus. Great product here from Alpha pharma!

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