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Substance: Methenolone acetate (Primobolan),
Packing: 25mg (50 pills),
Brand: Alpha Pharma

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One of the most effective and relatively inexpensive preparations used by athletes for drying is Primo Tabs by Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient of the drug is Methenolone Acetate (Primobolan), which allows you not only to preserve gained muscle mass, but also to give it rigidity and definition.

For the most part, experts advise beginners to take the drug. First of all, because the drug has a rather mild effect on the body, and practically does not have a toxic effect on the liver. Experienced athletes prefer to combine the drug with various steroids to quickly gain lean muscle mass. Women can also use this steroid without fear of virilization.
The drug, penetrating into the body for 5 hours, actively affects the body. However, on doping control, it can be detected even after 6 weeks of administration.

The effect of taking Primobolan

Primobolan allows you to achieve the following results (of course, if you adhere to the dosages recommended by the appropriate specialist):

  • Improvement of metabolic processes in the body.
  • The gained muscle mass remains at the same level.
  • Strength indicators are increased.
  • Muscle stiffness increases.
  • Musculature is given definition and vascularity.

One of the main positive aspects associated with taking Primobolan is its inability to be converted into oestrogens, and not to aromatize. During the course, not a single athlete has noted the presence of signs of gynecomastia and swelling.

Recommendations for taking Primo Tabs

Like any other steroid Primobolan must be taken at the clearly recommended dosage. On average, the duration of the course can be 8 weeks due to the moderate effect of the drug. It is best not to make an independent decision about increasing the dosage and duration of the course recommended by a specialist.

The recommended dosage of Methenolone Acetate by Alpha Pharma is no more than 50-100mg daily, which is equivalent to taking 2-4 tablets spread evenly throughout the day. PCT is required three days after the last dose of Primobolan.

Primobolan can be taken in combination with Methandienone, Sustanon and Testosterone, for a significant increase in muscle mass.

Side effects

The drug does not reduce the natural level of testosterone production, does not cause aromatization and other side effects associated with taking steroids. But the drug has a fairly strong anabolic effect. In this case, you do not need to be afraid of the occurrence of side effects, if you do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Reviews about the drug

After analysing the reviews of Primobolan, the conclusion confirms that the drug belongs to the category of the best in terms of effectiveness, cost, safety and versatility. For the most part, athletes take the drug because it allows them to maintain results, improve the definition of the muscles, give it vascularity and stiffness.




3 reviews for Primo Tabs

  1. Vavrinec Róg

    Whenever I use other orals, I am very moody but not with this primo. I feel energetic and happy with this. I use this along with a test base and sometimes use it as a portion of my test base.

  2. Lester David

    Primo tabs makes me look like a god! It just does not go well with tren because it seems like it overcomes the look primo gives me. I guess I will just find some other compounds that will compliment primo.

  3. Hadyn Lamar

    The thing I like with primo is that it gives you the best for your body as it advertises. I run this as much as I run my test base. I 100% recommend this!

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