Substance: Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate,
Packing: 5 x 1.5ml ampoules (76.5mg/1.5ml),
Brand: Alpha Pharma

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One of the strongest steroids now on the market for sports pharmacology is Parabolin, which is made by the renowned pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. Trenbolone-hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, also known as Tren-Hex or Parabolan in the sports industry, is the primary active ingredient.

It is advised experts that only people with experience with sports pharmacology medicines should take this medication. It is strongly advised against introducing new steroid users to the realm of sports drugs, with this particular steroid.

Properties and effects of Parabolan

The following effects can be obtained from taking Parabolan if the dosage and cycle length is properly chosen, and you strictly abide by the instructions:

  • Indicators of improved physical fitness are raised;
  • Quickening of muscle growth;
  • Almost twice the amount of insulin-like growth factor;
  • Removing of cellular fatty deposits;
  • Potent anti-catabolic effects;
  • Enhanced sexual life.

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Parabolan application and dosage

According to experts, the lowest dosage should be used to begin the cycle to prevent or reduce the emergence of any potential adverse effects. This medication should be used every day.

The suggested weekly dosage ranges from 150 mg to 300 mg.

It is essential to receive post-cycle therapy after the 10 to 16-week cycle, and taking Clomid rather than tamoxifen will yield better results.

Side effects from injectable Tren Hex

A medication like Parabolan rarely results in side effects. However, you should be prepared for the following negative effects if you independently decide to lengthen the cycle or take more medication than a doctor has prescribed.

  • An aggressive behaviour manifestation
  • reduced desire for sex
  • Baldness
  • elevated blood pressure
  • Skin breakouts
  • Sexual organ dysfunction

Combination with other AAS

It is advised to take the medication with other sports pharmacology medications to increase its efficacy. It’s also important to remember that using Parabolan for longer than two months is strictly forbidden.

Cabergoline must be added to the cycle since Parabolin has progestogenic characteristics.

Reviews of Alpha Pharma Parabolin

According to evaluations on bodybuilding websites, the majority of athletes prefer using Alpha Pharma’s Parabolin during cycles to gain rapid muscle growth.

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