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One of the strongest and most potent synthetic oral anabolic androgenic steroids currently on the market is Oxymetholon (Anadrol 50) tabs from Dragon Pharma.

Despite being developed with medical applications in mind, the substance is well-known in sports for its capacity to enhance performance. Aside from being used to treat severe anaemia, weight loss, and osteoporosis, it can also be used to stimulate muscle growth in patients who have low protein synthesis and appetite.

Oxymetholone has a strong “pump” effect and is also referred to as Anapolone, Androver, or Anadrol. During a workout, the muscle fibres are torn apart by a massive influx of blood. The body’s intense fluid buildup, which prompts a sudden increase in muscle volume, is largely to blame for this. The drug is not used to dry muscles as a result.

Athletes who want to gain weight quickly might do so in just 14 days, gaining 5-7 kilogrammes.

Those who take Oxys from Dragon Pharma look and feel more masculine. They develop smooth, thick muscles. Although the quality of weight gained is not guaranteed by Anavar for sale, it is exactly what you need if you want to put on weight quickly.

The androgenic effects of Anadrol 50 significantly aid in physical regeneration, preventing “overtraining.”

The structure of oxymetholone includes a dihydrotestosterone derivative, which results in a non-aromatizing module, which is important to note.

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Properties and effects of Oxymetholon

Benefits and favourable effects include:

  • Increased strength and muscle mass quickly
  • Greater endurance
  • Muscle tissue that quickly regenerates
  • Successfully eliminated oestrogen
  • Reduced joint and ligament pain
  • Flexibility gains, as well as a decrease in pain and damage from heavy lifting.


Application and dosage for “Oxys”

Experts disagree on the appropriate daily oxymetholone (Anadrol) dosage. For athletes, one milligram per kilogramme of body weight is a reasonable dose. This amounts to 1-3 tablets daily for a daily dosage of 50 to 150mg. It is not advisable to take more than three tablets daily, but many athletes have discovered that two tablets are the maximum amount needed. Women should take between 12 and 25 mg per day.

For those looking to purchase and use Oxymetholon from Dragon Pharma, starting at 50 mg is a good starting point that can be increased to 100 mg/day after a week, depending on how your body responds. The dosage can be increased to 125mg (2.5 pills)-150mg/day in the third week for athletes who weigh more than 150 kg.

For men, do not take Anadrol 50 pills from Dragon Pharma for longer than 4 to 8 weeks, and women should not take them for longer than 4 to 6 weeks. As the body’s receptors grow accustomed to the substance and stop absorbing it, its effects quickly wear off.


Side effects from Anadrol pills

You must be ready for the fact that Anadrol severely inhibits both the body’s own testosterone production and spermatogenesis, causing a sharp decrease in ejaculate production while it is being taken.

The impact of Anadrol on the liver can be characterised as being relatively mild. For instance, stanozolol “touches” this important organ more strongly (though Anadrol’s detrimental effects on the liver are quite apparent at dosages above 200 mg daily).

Practically, it doesn’t lead to a female virilization phenomenon.


Combination with other AAS

Testosterone and Anadrol make a nearly perfect pairing. It can reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which increases its effectiveness. Additionally, boldenone or methenolone (Primobolan) can be combined with Anadrol during times of muscle growth. The final combination can be tried by women as well.

Anadrol and nandrolone administration at the same time is completely prohibited!

Be sure to combine Anadrol with injectable stanozolol if you choose to use it while “drying.”

This significantly increases the workload on the liver, making the additional use of hepatoprotective medications necessary. Combining the administration of Anadrol and trenbolone is not recommended.


Reviews of Dragon Pharma’s Oxymetholon

Athletes who use Oxymetholon frequently comment online about how it allows them to continue working out for several hours after a demanding training session.





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