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Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol),
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Brand: Alpha Pharma

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One of the medications that can help you quickly gain muscle mass and improve the outcomes of your workouts is the steroid Oxydrolone from the pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. Athletes frequently lose their motivation to keep improving themselves during these times.

The main ingredient is oxymetholone, which has an anabolic rating that is more than three times that of testosterone and an androgenic rating that is about half that of testosterone.

Oxydrolone is generally not advised for beginner use because of its excessively aggressive effect. It is recommended to start with milder steroids, which you can also purchase from our shop.

Most frequently, Oxydrolone is used to increase muscle mass before the action of more specialised medications, such as longer-acting steroids used in conjunction with Anadrol. For the first 2-4 weeks of the cycle, it is typically used to get a quick boost in strength.

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Properties and effects of Oxydrolone

  • Measurable increases in muscle mass. No more than a third of the mass consists of water content gained. You can put on up to 15 kg of muscle in one cycle;
  • Strength and endurance gains during exercise will enable the use of intensive programmes and improve outcomes as well;
  • Lower levels of globulin in the body;
  • Reduced joint pain as a result of the body producing more fluid than it needs;
  • Quick recovery after strenuous exercise and training.

You must keep an eye on your physical condition throughout the cycle. For the best results, always follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.


Oxymetholone application and dosage

To accurately determine the required dosage, the administration procedure should begin with a small dose to monitor the body’s tolerances and reactions to the medication;

The maximum daily dose of this medication for more seasoned athletes should not exceed 100mg. Women should only take 12 to 25 mg per day for beginners, and no more than 50 to 100 mg for experienced users. A professional should be contacted for additional guidance on how to minimise side effects for cycles containing more than 100mg per day.

Don’t stay on the cycle longer than necessary. Even for seasoned athletes, the ideal cycle length for men is 1 to 2 months, and for women, 1 to 1.5 months is suggested.

Before beginning the cycle, it is advised to speak with a fitness professional to assess your health and rule out the possibility of a negative reaction to the medication in your body.

Controlling the body’s oestradiol levels is necessary throughout the entire cycle;

Following the initial Oxydrolone administration, PCT is necessary. Using drugs like Nolvadex and Clomid, which help your body produce its natural hormones again, will help your body return to normal after the cycle is finished.


Side effects from “Oxys”

The following side effects may be noticed if the dosage is disregarded, and this is especially true if the dose is exceeded by more than 100mg per day:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • A significant buildup of fluid within the body;
  • The abuser’s own testosterone is not produced naturally.

Aromatase inhibitors and oestradiol control medications should be added to the regimen when using an oxymetholone-based drug, especially for first-time users, to maintain hormonal balance throughout the cycle.


Combination with other AAS

The best results can be obtained by combining this medication with other anabolics, provided that the Oxydrolone usage guidelines are followed.

Testosterone, Primobolan, or boldenone are all acceptable options for combination cycles. Combinations with 17-alpha-alkylated steroids are not allowed because they would be too taxing on the liver’s capabilities;


Reviews of Alpha Pharma’s Oxydrolone

This steroid is thought to be one of the strongest oral steroids for rapid muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth). Bodybuilders frequently use it during their bulking cycles to make sure they get off to a strong start.




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  1. Hoyt Gould

    This is my first time trying Oxys from Alpha. So far they feel legit. I received it in just 7 days and the expiration is in 2024. When I checked the validity I saw they were only made 4 months ago, which shows these guys are busy and dont hold and sell old products! Alpha has done the trick so far anyways, I just want to see if its my head or if these are actually as good as they seem. The price is just too good for the great results they provide.

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