NandroRapid (ampoules)


Substance: Nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP),
Packing: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml),
Brand: Alpha Pharma

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The active ingredient in Alpha Pharma’s NandroRapid is nandrolone phenylpropionate. This steroid has moderate anabolic action and low androgenic activity. It improves protein synthesis, amino acid digestion, quality muscle growth, fat cell metabolism, and physical strength. It can be detected for roughly a year after use.

Properties and effects of NandroRapid

The following are the drug’s primary effects:

  • Development in high-quality muscles.
  • Physical strength improvement.
  • Bone tissue strengthening.
  • Gets rid of joint pain.
  • It improves oxygen delivery in the body.
  • It improves immunity.
  • Aromatic but not overpowering.
  • It has no hepatotoxicity.

Application and dosage of NPP injections

The substance should be taken for up to 2 months. The weekly dosage ranges from 150mg to 400mg, based on the body’s features, the reason for taking the medicine, and previous experience with sports pharmacology. It is recommended that women take no more than 100mg of the medicine every week. Men have one injection every 24 hours or two days, whereas women have one injection every three days.

Side effects from Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

The most common causes of NPP side effects are inappropriate to use and excessive dosages. If the directions and dosage are followed, the medicine supports overall health and bodily improvement. In cases of a drug overdose, side symptoms such as fluid retention, fatty deposits, and gynecomastia might arise. Only while utilising anti-oestrogens, which counteract the negative symptoms, is a large dosage permissible.

Combination with other AAS

Nandrolone phenylpropionate is frequently used with steroids like Winstrol, Masteron, Turinabol, testosterone propionate, Dianabol, and Anavar (just to name a few).

Reviews of Alpha Pharma’s NandroRapid

Multiple reviews by sportsmen have noted that NPP is highly effective and that when used correctly, it has no noticeable adverse effects on health, making it essentially safe. Many persons noticed an increase in natural testosterone synthesis by the body after taking the medicine. In general, most reviews of the medicine are positive and favourable. Our shop now sells a reasonably-priced genuine NandroRapid product by Alpha Pharma.





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