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Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol),
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Anadrol (oxymetholone), manufactured by Magnum Pharmaceuticals, is unquestionably one of the most potent steroids. Anadrol was first used in medicine and only much later made its way into sports, much like many other drugs used in bodybuilding. Despite having a slightly less androgenic effect than testosterone, this anabolic compound is three times more powerful than that hormone.

Properties and effects of Magnum Oxymeth 50

The athlete’s strength indicators are increased with the help of Anadrol. The medication has a number of modifications but is based on a type of dihydrotestosterone. The lack of oestrogen conversion in Anadrol is a rather significant benefit.

The way that this steroid affects muscle mass gain is yet another crucial characteristic. It makes sense why oxymetholone is frequently praised in reviews given that you can gain up to 12 kilogrammes in just one cycle. Although these results are impressive, there is still the fall-back phenomenon, which, in the worst case, could cause a loss of 30% of the muscle mass that has been gained. A noticeable decrease in pain and improved joint mobility are also reported by athletes.


Anadrol pills application and dosage

How should you set up a cycle to avoid health issues now that you have decided to purchase oxymetholone? It goes without saying that a qualified doctor should always determine the drug’s dosage. Because your physical health is at risk, it is not a task that should be given to a friend. It is still possible to provide some average values, which the professionals advise using as a guide. The Anadrol cycle lasts no longer than four weeks for beginners, no longer than eight weeks for professional athletes and no longer than 6 weeks for women.

Under no circumstances should the dosage go over 150mg, especially if the cycle is lengthy. For a few weeks, it is best for men to take 50 to 100mg every day and 12 to 25mg per day by women. You won’t harm your body, and you’ll get good results. The dosage is based on how experienced the user is. For instance, a skilled athlete might consume more than 200 mg per day.


Side effects from “Naps”

In actuality, oxymetholone has some unpleasant side effects that are certain to happen if the dosage is not followed. You might feel sick, have an abnormal appetite, develop gynecomastia, or have high blood pressure.

The liver toxicity of oxymetholone is a factor that should not be disregarded. Many bodybuilders try to adhere to all of the doctor’s recommendations to avoid this, but a minor effect still cannot be avoided. It is never recommended for women to take an oxymetholone cycle. Despite not being converted into oestrogen, the steroid still has some oestrogenic effects on the body.

However, all side effects can be reduced if you take the medication as directed and listen to medical experts’ advice.


Combination with other AAS

We suggest purchasing Yohimbine for faster body recovery after you have finished a cycle of Anadrol. Additionally, we advise you to purchase some anabolic steroids (such as boldenone, testosterone, or Primobolan) as part of the programme. Your training will be much more effective thanks to the combination of these drugs.

Testosterone is used at 250 mg per week, Primobolan at 300 mg per week, and boldenone at 800 mg per week. Anadrol is used at 150 mg per day. After the seventh week, discontinue the use of Anadrol.

You are assured to gain at least 10 kg of muscle mass after completing this steroid cycle. The important thing is that it won’t just be 10 kg of quality muscle.


Reviews of Magnum Pharma’s Oxymeth 50

The high efficiency that Magnum’s Anadrol allows bodybuilders to achieve in the shortest amount of time is clear based on reviews by them online.





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