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Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol),
Packing: 10mg (100 pills),
Brand: Magnum Pharmaceuticals

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The oral steroid Magnum D Bol 10 from Magnum Pharmaceuticals contains methandienone as the active ingredient (Dianabol). Dianabol increases physical strength, appetite, and catabolic processes are suppressed. It is a derivative of testosterone that has more anabolic and fewer androgenic effects. Dianabol is not sold in pharmacies, but you may buy Dianabol, from Clerkenwell-London for a fair price.

Properties and effects of Magnum D bol 10

The drug’s main characteristics are:

  • Inhibits catabolic processes
  • The rapid development of muscle
  • A bigger appetite
  • Enhancing bone tissue strength
  • Increasing the athlete’s physical stamina and strength

Application and dosage of “Methane”

Dianabol should be taken every day at a dosage of 30mg to 50mg. It is best to divide the dose into three or four and take them throughout the day at regular intervals.

The cycle should run no more than six weeks to prevent negative effects that might affect the liver.

Avoid using the medication if you have serious health issues including high blood pressure, prostatic enlargement, liver or heart issues, or any other condition.

Side effects from Dianabol pills

It is advised to take Halotestin to prevent bile stagnation, which can occur when the prescribed dosage of the medication is exceeded.

The usage of the pills may result in the following negative effects because of the poor aromatization and liver toxicity:

  • Liver illness
  • The body’s retention of fluids
  • Gynecomastia

By using inhibitors while on the cycle and during PCT, these issues can be resolved.

Combination with other AAS

If you buy Dianabol you may use it alongside powerful steroids like testosterone, including its analogues Sustanon and Omnadren, as well as the esters enanthate and propionate. Deca and “Methane” are another well-liked combo. Reviews indicate that Dianabol works well at drying up the muscles. Small dosages of Dianabol assist to burn subcutaneous fat and increase muscle growth when used with mild oral steroids like oxandrolone or Winstrol.

Reviews of Magnum Pharmaceuticals’ D bol 10

Numerous prospective customers are drawn to Dianabol due to its affordable pricing and a broad variety of benefits over other AAS. The most popular oral steroid is “Methane”, which is no secret.




4 reviews for Magnum D Bol 10

  1. Jeremy Nash

    Ordered loads of the Magnum Dbol 10s from Boxes looked great and shipping was only around a week or two. Been running them at 30mg daily, only on week 5 but the muscle gains have been outstanding. My lifts are 30% up also. These seem to be much better quality than the old brand I used. Starting to really love this Magnum brand!

  2. Marilyn Hall

    Excellent product! Been using these magnum dianabols to front load on my 12 week run. So far they have been amazing to use. my strength is well up and I seem to have gone from a meduim to large already in cloths which is incredible! Very potent and effective Dbols.

  3. Leonard Manning

    Been in the game for 25 years now and hands down, these Dbols from Magnum are the best Dbols I have ever used. Never had an issue with any of Clerkenwell-london’s gear, but these have mjorly stood out to me and work much better than expected. Best Dbols on the market for sure!

  4. Ronald Robinson

    Got sent some Magnum Dbols as a substitute product. Didnt think much to the 10s at first buy after taking 5 per day, I had great pumps and the growth was better than using the 50s. Im not sure if the 10s are stonger by being in single pills, but they deffo do the job to the point where I got gyno buildups. These tabs have changed my view on the Magnum oral products for sure. Great product overall, as long as you look past the 10mg dosing and just take multiple tabs at your normal dose ED. In my case, the results were much better!

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