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Substance: Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen),
Packing: 40mcg (100 pills),
Brand: Magnum Pharmaceuticals

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Medications that were first created for medical use are frequently utilised for sporting reasons and are far more effective than conventional drugs in the bodybuilding industry. Clenbuterol, which was used to treat asthma while simultaneously effectively burning fat, is one of the more prominent instances.

All of the composition’s active elements start actively utilising fat stores as energy as it enters the body rather than carbs. Weight loss and muscular wasting are brought on by this. The main goal of Clen is fat burning. It is better to get steroids if you desire alternative outcomes.

Properties and effects of Magnum Clen-40

This Maxtreme Pharma product has the following features:

  • 20–30% more calories burned each day
  • Reduces the likelihood that fat will be deposited in the body during eating
  • Increases hormonal system strength, which promotes fat reduction.
  • Muscle definition improves as unwanted fat is lost.

But for these attributes to be completely realised, one must adhere to a strict regimen of nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Clenbuterol application and dosage

The medication is only to be used orally and is available as pills or syrup. And to get the greatest results, stick to a programme like this:

A typical safe cycle length is 2 weeks maximum but can be extend to up to 30 days in total by supplementing with ketotifen: Take 20 mcg every day for the first week, 40 mcg for the second, 60 mcg for the third, 80 mcg and 1 mg of ketotifen for the fourth, 100 mcg and 1 mg of ketotifen for the fifth, and 120 mcg and 1-2 mg of ketotifen for the sixth, depending on feelings.

  • Male athletes should take a dosage of between 40 and 120 mcg, with a maximum of 100 mcg for ladies.
  • The course shouldn’t go on for longer than 1.5 months.
  • If the outcomes are favourable, reduce the dosage to 80 mcg.

Because receptors are downregulated and the results are diminished after two weeks, ketotifen is used. This medication is used as a supplement to help prevent it and lower the possibility of any side effects.

Side effects of Clenbuterol Hydrochloride pills

When doses or cycle durations are exceeded, clenbuterol may cause certain unwanted side effects. Heart palpitations, tremors, an elevated heart rate, high blood sugar, anxiety, agitation, and perspiration are a few of them, just like with other stimulants like caffeine and ephedrine. It is advisable to speak with your doctor before using the medication since there may be additional side effects, such as uncomfortable allergic reactions and rashes.

Combination with other AAS

Clen-40 can multiply the effects of anabolic steroids by a factor of many, hence it is advised to take it alongside them. You can mix with thyroxine and yohimbine for fantastic results.

Reviews of Magnum Pharma’s Clen-40

In recent years, clenbuterol has become quite well-liked among ordinary gym visitors as well as bodybuilders.

Because clenbuterol is very inexpensive and widely accessible, it has a greater market share than other fat burners as there are many positive effects and only a few unfavourable ones.





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