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The loop diuretic Frusenex, produced by Geno, contains the active ingredient furosemide, which is also known by the brand name Lasix and is by far the most popular diuretic in bodybuilding.

In medicine, loop diuretics are used to treat oedema, high blood pressure, and blood poisoning by clearing the blood of toxins and foreign substances. Another non-discriminatory diuretic that acts directly on the kidneys is loop diuretics, which remove all fluids that pass through the kidneys. As they flush potassium, sodium, and calcium from the body with any fluid that enters, they have a significant impact on the electrolyte balance.

Its function is to drain extra fluid in a medical setting. Dehydration is possible but frequently improbable because you’re just eliminating the excess. Since the idea is to remove as much water as you can during a performance, taking these substances causes your body to become dehydrated. As a result, there will be a significant electrolyte imbalance that needs to be carefully watched.

Competitive athletes use this substance to lessen water retention to improve or worsen their weight class rankings. Weigh-ins frequently take place a day or more before a competition or match, so a person’s weight may significantly fluctuate before quickly returning to normal after rehydrating.

Properties and effects of Frusenex

Furosemide rapidly eliminates fluid from the body within an hour of administration and continues for 3–4 hours.

Users of Frusenex (Lasix) should prepare for frequent, excessive urination. Urination can occur frequently enough to irritate many people.

The person should also expect a significant loss in body weight at this time. Your overall weight may change noticeably as a result, even though you won’t be losing body fat, only fluid.

Due to the diuretic’s effects, some athletes who have trouble meeting weight class requirements will try furosemide. Although it can improve performance, it can also be very effective. The person’s performance will likely be affected by how exhausted he feels. Not to mention that losing electrolytes could make it very difficult to perform at a high level.

Frusemide application and dosage

For the treatment of high blood pressure, the usual furosemide dosage is 40 mg twice daily. For the treatment of oedema, typical furosemide dosages can range from 2 mg to 80 mg daily.

Performance athletes should not take furosemide at a dosage that has been established. The entire dosage may change based on the requirements of the athlete and particular environmental factors. However, many athletes will find that a starting dose of 20 mg, followed, if necessary, by another 20 mg after 12 hours, is a good starting point.

Few, if any, people should need more than 40g total per day. No matter the dosage, an athlete should only be permitted to use it for a couple of days at most.

Side effects from Furosemide (Lasix)

We cannot in any way characterise furosemide as a medication with favourable side effects due to its potential for serious adverse effects. Furthermore, given the availability of much more tolerable diuretics, we cannot in good conscience recommend this drug to athletes or bodybuilders.

Users of furosemide should be aware that one of the medication’s side effects is the potential for a significant increase in blood bicarbonate levels. Additionally, be aware that dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance can cause the following furosemide side effects:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Blood thickens as a result of a fluid deficit
  • Fainting
  • Renal dysfunction
  • Severe cramping brought on by an electrolyte imbalance

Combination with other AAS

It may be advised to take this diuretic in combination with a potassium-sparing diuretic for a safer experience that still gives you the desired effects.

A person should be able to manage the side effects with 20 mg of furosemide and 50 mg of Aldactone with the aid of this regimen. This should be sufficient for the athlete and keep the furosemide dose at a low level when additional Aldactone is given.

Reviews of Geno’s Frusenex

According to bodybuilder reviews, Geno’s Frusenex is a very potent drug that bodybuilders frequently use in conjunction with other water-reduction methods when getting ready for competitions.





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