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The pharmaceutical company John Lee manufactures the oral antibiotic Ekovir-800. The drug’s active ingredient is acyclovir. The treatment of viral infections with this antiviral drug includes shingles, chickenpox, and herpes simplex virus infections.

To treat Bell’s palsy off-label, the medication is occasionally combined with the steroid prednisolone.

However, in the sports doping world, acyclovir is also sometimes used to treat post-injection pain (PIP) and inflammation brought on by steroid injections, as well as to lessen the appearance of steroid acne.


Properties and effects of Ekovir-800

Acyclovir’s primary medical effect is to prevent viruses from growing in the body, which lessens the symptoms of viral infections. In people with weakened immune systems, it will aid in preventing the spread of viruses.

Acyclovir use will lessen the severity and duration of symptoms, but the virus won’t be cured. Skin infections will stop the development of skin sores and acne, and they will heal much more quickly once they do. The use of this medication will lessen pain and inflammation in other skin irritations.


Zovirax application and dosage

Since acyclovir can treat a wide range of illnesses, the dosage and duration of treatment will vary depending on the illness and its severity.

The medication should be taken five times daily, or every four hours, for maximum effectiveness. Typical dosages include:

  • For five days, take 200mg (half a tablet) every four hours to treat acne and skin inflammation.
  • For 10 days, take 200 mg (half a tablet) of the medication for genital herpes.
  • 400 mg (1 tablet) twice daily for up to 12 months for herpes prevention.
  • 800mg (2 tablets) every 4 hours for 7–10 days for shingles.
  • As soon as symptoms start, take two 800mg tablets four times daily for five days to treat chickenpox.

While taking this medication, it is strongly advised to reduce calcium intake and drink a lot of water.


Side effects from Acyclovir pills

Nausea and diarrhoea are two of acyclovir’s mild side effects. Low platelets and kidney issues are possible side effects that could be more severe. Those with impaired liver or kidney function should use the medication with extreme caution.


Reviews of John Lee’s Ekovir-800

Many bodybuilders give Ekovir-800 positive reviews, praising the effectiveness of this John Lee-produced acyclovir in reducing PIP (post-injection pain) and treating inflammation brought on by steroid injections.





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