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An oral prohormone called dymethazine (DMZ) is intended to increase drying rates and help people gain lean muscle mass. Even with brief cycles, this steroid can help you build a top-notch physique; however, cycles up to 12 weeks can be used without risk.

It becomes testosterone when consumed. It does not aromatize and is not harmful to the liver. Like all prohormones, it does, however, reduce the body’s testosterone production. Post-cycle therapy is required and mandatory!

DMZ functions similarly to the once-popular steroid trenbolone. The prohormone is comparable to Superdrol, a drug that the Food and Drug Administration outlawed.

The following objectives can be achieved with DMZ:

  • programmes to “dry” the body without reducing muscle mass (as fine-tuning) for those who have recently taken prohormone cycles
  • For those who want to break through the plateau and develop a top-notch starting form for the subsequent transformation, as a first cycle.
  • as a component of programmes for the growth of lean muscle mass (up to 12 kg, depending on the drugs)

Properties and effects of Dymethazine

  • Continuous stimulation of fat burning without any fluid retention
  • The development of speed, endurance, and strength indicators
  • Enhancing the cycle-wide development of lean muscle mass and “clean” mass gain

Dimethazine application and dosage

Bodybuilders advise taking 30 mg of the drug per day, depending on your tolerance. The cycle should last for approximately 4 weeks.

Combination with other AAS

The best way to maximise the effects of this medication is to stack it with any testosterone ester or another substance that aromatizes.

Side effects from Mebolazine

Dymethazine side effects could occur if it’s used incorrectly. Infertility, behavioural modifications, hair loss, and (in men) breast development are examples of side effects. If the recommended dosage is exceeded, dimethazine can also cause liver and heart damage.

Reviews of Hi-Tech’s Dymethazine

Dymethazine is a great supplement to use during a cutting cycle or in combination with a prohormone that aids in mass-building during a bulking phase to achieve a balanced strength and size stack, according to reviews posted online by bodybuilders and athletes.





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