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Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol),
Packing: 20mg (100 pills),
Brand: Dragon Pharma

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Each tablet of Dianabol 20 (also known as Dianabol, Dbol, or Methane) contains the most widely used oral steroid of recent years, methandienone. It improves strength and muscle mass, which is appealing to athletes of all levels. A Dianabol cycle is the best choice for beginners who are hesitant to begin using steroids. Although this drug has a high anabolic index, aromatization, which has an impact on muscle growth, prevents its use. The body retains a lot of fluid in this situation, preventing the muscles and tendons from drying out and the athlete from suffering excruciating cramps while training.


Properties and effects of Dianabol 20

During a “solo” Dianabol cycle (without any other preparations), it is possible to gain 10 kg of body weight, and some athletes, according to some specialised forums, can gain 15 kg. To achieve these results, an athlete must have the right genetics, training background, and diet. Dianabol holds water, and an athlete may lose up to one-third of the weight they added while taking it within 2-4 weeks after finishing the cycle.

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Dbol application and dosage

It’s a common misconception that 100 tablets will be sufficient to complete the cycle for “beginners,” but this is untrue because a full Dianabol 20 solo cycle can require up to 200 tablets.

A cycle can last up to 6 weeks, and it is advised that you gradually increase the dose of this steroid up to 30 mg to 50 mg each day.

Take the pills, eat well, and drink plenty of water. As the dose is gradually increased, the outcomes get better. You can increase your mass and keep your results for a longer time with the help of this cycle.

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Side effects from Methandienone oral pills

  • Elevated blood pressure (using aromatase inhibitors during the cycle can help with this issue).
  • Sexual activity is increased during the cycle and temporarily drops off afterwards.
  • Long cycles with high doses of Dianabol cause testicular atrophy.
  • Periodic breakouts of acne
  • Occasional heartburn
  • Loss of hair
  • It causes masculinization in women.
  • Myocardial hypertrophy may develop in cases of abuse or genetic predisposition.


Combination with other AAS

Typically, Deca-Durabolin and testosterone are added to a stack of Dianabol.


Reviews of Dragon Pharma Dianabol 20

Athletes from all over the world have given Dianabol 20 a lot of positive feedback as it is well worth the price, supports rapid and effective muscle growth, and is suitable for users from beginners to experts.





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  1. Steven Fry

    I’ve always ordered here ever since my first order from these guys. I never had problems with any products but from my experience, if you want orals, stick with Dragon Pharma, this lab seems to be the dominant lab for the best oral steroids. Just got some of my fav Dbol 20s. They always pack a punch and never seem to change in terms of consistency which is the main sign of a good supplier. On average, I gain around 20-30lbs per solo cycle and am left with 14-20 post PCT. I wont use any others now, as I know these work fantastically.

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