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Testosterone Cypionate for sale in our shop under the brand name Cypionat 250 (Dragon Pharma) among others is an Androgenic-Anabolic steroid (AAS) medication which is used mainly in the treatment of low Testosterone levels in men, this was produced back in the 1950s. Testosterone Cypionate, known to steroid users as “Test Cyp”, is the synthetic version of the naturally produced Testosterone hormone.

Testosterone Cypionate is used primarily in androgen replacement therapy. It is currently FDA approved for the treatment of primary or Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism and is currently used as off-label treatment for breast cancer, breast disorders, delayed puberty in boys, Oligospermia (low sperm count), hormone replacement therapy in transgender men, and to treat osteoporosis.

Why is Test Cypionate for bodybuilding so popular?

Testosterone Cypionate is a revolutionary drug in the world of bodybuilding. Bodybuilders usually self-inject this hormone into their body to enhance their capabilities and take their physique to the next level.

Testosterone has been widely used within the world of bodybuilding and other sports disciplines for many years. Testosterone is the “backbone” or “base” of any cycle used by bodybuilders and athletes, it is the building block for users who want to push themselves and their bodies to create mind blowing results and changes that work towards their desired goals.

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The reason Testosterone Cypionate is so popular, is due to its ester Cypionate. The hormone Testosterone is not changed within this drug, the thing that is changed is the ester that it is attached to, in this case that is Cypionate. With different esters attached to the hormone Testosterone, brings different release times and half-lives. What that means is, because the Cypionate ester has a half-life of roughly 8 days, a user can inject the desired amount of Testosterone and benefit from it being active within the blood stream for up to 8 days, meaning that you would only have to inject this substance once per week. This is also why Cypionate has become popular within the medical field, for its use as a Hormone Replacement Therapy for patients suffering with low Testosterone levels.

This drug with its longer acting ester has become very popular, as this makes it very versatile and is easily used alone or alongside other AAS substances without the added pain or stress of having to do multiple injections per week. Also from being a very versatile steroid, Testosterone Cypionate can be used to bulk up, creating muscle mass and great overall mass, or if used with other products, Testosterone Cypionate can be used a cutting compound, for those athletes or bodybuilders who want to shred themselves for that tight, ripped, hard physique.

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What are the recommended dosages of Test Cypionate?

When it comes to dosages for Testosterone Cypionate, it is very important to keep in mind that every person will be different. Contributing factors for this may include how many previous cycles, the length of the cycles, how long you have had to recover (how clean your receptors are), your average Testosterone levels for your body, and so on. That is why the recommended dosages for Testosterone Cypionate can differ with each individual.

When used for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), the recommended dosage would be 250-300mg every three weeks. As mentioned above this can be different for each individual, if you get two weeks down the line and start to feel a crash (lack of testosterone), then you can up your dose to 250-300mg per two weekly. Please note: If you need to change your dosage and are being prescribed this drug from your physician, it is advised to consult with your physician before hanging these dosages.

For enhancement uses such as athletics or bodybuilding, Testosterone Cypionate is advised at 500mg per week for beginners or new users to this product. Although the Cypionate half-life is 8 days and can be injected once a week. It is best advised to split these dosages into two, for example, Monday 250mg and Thursday 250mg. Studies have shown that this is the best way to maintain good, stable levels of this hormone within the blood stream. This cycle should be run for 8-12 weeks, followed by a good Post Cycle Therapy “PCT”.

For more advanced users who have good experience with this drug such as pro bodybuilders, this can be taken anywhere from 600mg up to 1,000 mg per week.

No dosages are set in stone, these recommendations are there to ensure the safety and the most “risk free” ways for new users. For beginners looking to up their game and take their physique to the next level, it is recommended that a solo Testosterone Cypionate cycle should be completed before upping the dosages or adding other substances into a steroid stack.

Only Buy Testosterone Cypionate of High Quality

The first step to ensure the safety of your health before administering any type of steroid, is to first read up about the product that you are going to use, and secondly to ensure the quality and validity of the desired product. Here at Clerkenwell-London, we provide the highest standard of products available in today’s market. We have made it our mission to select the best manufactures to ensure that each product has been verified to the highest standard. Which is why you can use the unique codes provided on each product to check the validity of each product on the manufacture’s website.

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How to inject Testosterone Cypionate

For administration, test cyp injections are performed exclusively intramuscularly. Introduction of this steroid is carried out using a conventional medical syringe with a thin needle. The injections should be directed strictly into the muscle. The best place to inject is the buttock or “glute area”. This soft tissue, due to its thickness, is best suited for beginner athletes or bodybuilders.

You must first select the dosage and then open the vial or ampule and carefully draw the oil into the syringe. Before the injection takes place, it is necessary to clean the site that you are injecting into and the needle itself with alcohol for sterilisation purposes. You should also release all the air from the syringe, so that no air bubbles are visible. As a rule, Testosterone which is oil based (such as Testosterone Cypionate), is difficult to administer without pre-heating it first within your hand, this helps to loosen the oil and to match the temperature to that of the body’s own temperature.

The introduction of Testosterone Cypionate should be carried out within the upper gluteus muscle. The process itself is best done slowly. Administering the oily substance, should be done smoothly and without any unnecessary movements, this is done so that damage to any blood vessels is avoided. After the introduction of this drug, it is necessary to apply a cotton swab with alcohol to ensure the site stays clean, protected, and sterile.

Buy Testosterone Online UK

In our steroid shop, you can buy Testosterone cypionate online with delivery in the UK. Test Cyp is available for sale by Dragon Pharma in a 10ml vial of 250mg/ml. Our motto is consistently high-quality Dragon Pharma products at an affordable price, so we offer reasonable prices for the original Cypionat 250 for each customer.




13 reviews for Cypionat 250

  1. Jefferey Alicea

    Cypionat 250 is really superior to testosterone. The libido is out of this world. It feels like you’re 15 all over again. The effects of Cypionat 250 are more intense. It’s like the difference between a Ford Escort and a Ferrari. I’m telling you, Cypionat 250 makes me feel like a champ! It increases your strength and endurance so that you can have longer, harder workouts.

  2. Bud Criswell

    Cypionat 250 is an excellent product; The oil used didn’t produce a PIP; It was simple to inject without using excessive force or time; and the amps were simple to open. I can really feel the benefits of Testosterone cypionate.

  3. Horacio Churchill

    Cypionat 250 from Dragon Pharma was excellent. Fast shipping, no pip, and quick job I injected myself once a week for 10 weeks with 1cc or 1 amp, and I noticed a significant improvement in my strength, muscle mass, and libido. Without a doubt, I’ll use this Testosterone cypionate again. I put on roughly 10 pounds of lean muscle.

  4. Barton Le

    Dragon Pharma is a trustworthy company. Running Cypionat 250 and Anavar. The Test from another brand was my first choice, but I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I switched to Dragon Pharma and noticed greater effects. However, I believe it is underdosed. I rarely exceed 400mg of Testosterone cypionate a week, but right now I’m slapping over 600, and the effects feel like they ought to be present at lower doses.

  5. Jerrell Mancini

    The benefits Cypionat 250 provides me are increased veins, more explosive sexual energies, and an increase in skin oil is expected. A slight increase in oily skin is also usual. Gaining weight and losing fat are typical. This Testosterone cypionate product is really great for me.

  6. Gino Carney

    My figure has gotten better as a result of the HIGH-QUALITY grade of the Dragon Pharma Cypionat 250 and it also has very good hormone component properties. As soon as I start incorporating this into my workout, I feel ten times better and you just never feel tired. It brings back in comparable amounts to some premium enanthate that has taken many days to develop.

  7. Ernie Quintanilla

    As promised, quick outcomes. Smooth, no pain. Few side effects of Testosterone cypionate were felt, nice cycle overall! It really depends on your body’s response, however, I suggest trying this one. Before pinching, warm up the water if it’s cold where you are. Cypionat 250 is a good product and will help with boosting testosterone.

  8. Hipolito Stine

    I believe that 125 mg of Cypionat 250 per week split into two doses is ideal for most folks. Nothing too fantastic like a steroid cycle, but with significantly less or no side effects of Testosterone cypionate, to feel well and function at your best. The benefits of Cypionat 250 are many, providing me with an increase in energy and overall well-being.

  9. Ward Hackett

    I believe that 125 mg of Cypionat 250 per week split into two doses is ideal for most folks. Nothing too fantastic like a steroid cycle, but with significantly less or no side effects of Testosterone cypionate, to feel well and function at your best. The benefits of Cypionat 250 are many, providing me with an increase in energy and overall well-being.

  10. Oliver Gordon

    I have used Test Cyp for about 10 years now so I know when the quality is good or not! This stuff from Dragon Pharma genuinely blows anything I’ve used before out of the water, it’s the level that all companies need to aim for!

  11. Jack Webb

    So when I used this in my last cycle I started to get some issues, I was running 500mg and my nipples were crazy sensitive! I had to drop the dose to 250 and then things started looking good! Just be sure to start this stuff slow, Test your tolerance, trust me, you don’t wanna be getting titties from this stuff!

  12. Grzegorz Ford

    I’ve been using Dragon Pharma’s Test C for years and it never disappoints me. The product gave me what I want and I will forever be grateful to that.

  13. Andreas Bingham

    I’ve been using other products but when I stumbled upon this one, I can say that this is legitimate and worth it. You just need to have patience in the shipping of the product because it can take a long time. But overall, the experience I had with clerkenwell-london was great.

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