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When it comes to action on both the anabolic and androgenic indices, this steroid outperforms testosterone by a factor of five. The outcomes can be astonishing if you adhere to the usage guidelines and maintain a healthy diet. Almost immediately following ingestion, the initial effects are visible, meaning that you can get the best outcomes within your training plans in the shortest amount of time. Aside from being combined with other sports products and supplements, the drug can also be used alone.

The use of Trenbolone by athletes can have a lot of beneficial effects when the dosage regimen is properly planned. The drug also enables you to enhance your sexual experience, increase your appetite, and burn body fat more quickly. The medication is also very effective at inhibiting catabolism.

Cortisol levels drop throughout the cycle, which significantly speeds up anabolic processes.

The quick absorption time and quick excretion from the body of trenbolone suspension set it apart from other oil-based esters. Depending on the dosage, the drug takes effect anywhere from 6 to 24 hours. The total removal process takes no longer than three days which is why athletes frequently select this anabolic.

You can easily pass doping tests after using the steroid because of the short period of exertion. Due to its quick onset and quick elimination times, the drug is of the safe type and can be used by both novices and female athletes.

Properties and effects of Trenbolone

  • Deposits of fat are quickly burnt
  • Lowering cortisol levels and avoiding catabolism
  • Inundation of the body with energy and strength
  • Enhanced physical capacity
  • IGF-1 production in the body is increased
  • Rapid healing following exercise
  • Libido, erections, and sexual performance are all improved
  • Mood and mentality normalisation
  • Gaining dry muscle mass without experiencing a reversal


Trenbolone application and dosage

You must administer injections of 25–50 mg every day using various injection sites over the course of the week if you choose to take this suspension version. There may occasionally be uncomfortable sensations when introducing this water-based substance, but you shouldn’t be concerned because it won’t harm your liver or any other organs.

Depending on the person’s health, hormonal indicators, and other factors like underlying pre-existing conditions, the full cycle can last anywhere between 6 and 10 weeks. Due to the suppression of natural testosterone production and an increase in blood prolactin, prolonging the cycle is not advised.

Additionally, because this steroid is so potent and can alter the body in so many ways, doctors advise against taking it in excess. You must undergo tests following the completion of the trenbolone suspension therapy, and if necessary, you must use specialised medications as part of post-cycle therapy to restore your hormonal background.

The properties and contraindications of each steroid drug vary. Check to see if you have any allergies to the component of Tren before using it for the first time. Get in touch with your doctor or your personal trainer to determine your ideal dosage more precisely.

Side effects from injectable Trenbolone

Athletes observe the emergence of androgenic and progestogenic side effects during a cycle. To increase testosterone concentration and improve the quality of sex life, experts advise athletes to take Proviron, Gonadotropin, and Dostinex during challenging cycles. Proviron increases testosterone concentration while also improving sex life.

This steroid should not be taken by beginners or women. The truth is that even a small dosage can result in harmful side effects like:

  • Loss of strength when excessive doses are used
  • Unstable erections or libido crashes
  • Lack of sleep and insomnia
  • Aggressiveness
  • Lower naturally occurring blood testosterone levels
  • Night sweats and testicular atrophy
  • Back, face, and other areas of the body with acne

Combination with other AAS

You can combine Trenbolone Suspension with substances like Boldenone, Mesterolone, Methandienone, Turinabol, Testosterone, and Methenolone.

Combining Trenbolone with Nandrolone or Oxymetholone is strongly not recommended.

Reviews of Alpha Pharma Androxine

This steroid is typically used by athletes during cycles intended to hasten muscle growth and boost strength.




10 reviews for Androxine

  1. Johnny Frost

    This is a real deal!! Great results, awesome prices and top notch quality

  2. Wilt Lemon

    I’m very amazed with clerkenwell-london com provides customer service and delivery that took less than 2 weeks! I was on Androxine 100mg first to tenth week, Test E 1000mg until week 16 Anadrol 100mg till week 5 and Dianabol at 50mg from week 10-14 and gained lean muscles of 18lbs. I will definitely be faithful to Alpha Pharma because I know how high the quality of their products is. Thank you clerkenwell-london!!

  3. Finnegan Pitts

    Aside from the fast delivery that took almost 2 weeks, you will never regret their first class product and best customer service! Noticed extreme strength on week 1 and bench increased by 35. I run 1000 Test E, 200mg Androxine per week, and Anadrol 50 for the first 6 weeks. Very nice Alpha Pharma and thanks clerkenwell-london com!

  4. Kevin Eads

    I can’t find a proper word to say how strong I am like I can get hit by a truck and get up without any bruises. This could be so helpful specially to those who don’t pin every 2 days. I pinned 2ml Androxine and Test E twice a week. My lift went to 175-180, bench up to 345, squats are up to 455 and dead lift to 475lbs and I would say I gained about 25 lbs of pure muscles. I know this is a high quality product because I had sides like night sweats, insomnia and rage

  5. Kaneonuskatew Michaelson

    After taking this for 10 weeks, I now see the reason why men in the gym have great bodies. Androxine could be one of the compounds they are on. I’ve been taking supplements before with not much change but lean muscles, crazy pumps and solid gains in just a week are from Androxine.

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  10. Willburn Ortega

    Great Product! I kept it after I saw the differences after 3 weeks of my cycle. Nothing can compare to this Androxine (tren suspension) product by Alpha Pharma. Used the Test S before and was crazy but this is on a different level, 500/500 that goes straight into the blood! I would recommend this to everyone, but take with care. This is officially the best Tren product that ive ever had and tried within my 18 year stint while bodybuilding. Big up to clerkenwell-london-com and Alpha!!

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