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Substance: Anastrozole,
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Anastrozole by Alpha Pharma is a drug that is rightfully very popular among athletes. This drug is called an aromatase inhibitor as it reduces aromatisation within the male body and therefore prevents the negative consequences that happen due to high oestrogen levels. It is recommended to be taken during cycles with the participation of heavy steroids in increased dosages. It is often used to prevent gynecomastia, and it is also taken to accelerate the processes of removing fluid from muscle fibers.


There is no wonder why the drug is considered one of the most effective. The fact is that its effectiveness is based on completely different principles. When taking the drug just 2-3 hours before the start of training, the athlete manages to get rid of the action of aromatization by almost 90%.

It can be used by representatives of various sports disciplines, especially in cycles in which it is required to conduct effective training, accelerate the recovery of the body after the cycle and increase the rate of elimination of toxins after a course of steroids. The drug has repeatedly proven its effectiveness, which has won the recognition of many experienced athletes.

While taking the drug, athletes note the qualities of the already existing muscle mass, the indicators of endurance and physical fitness increase. There is a decrease in fatigue and the appearance of motivation to conduct intensive training.

Recommendations for intake

Before taking buy anastrozole, you should consult a sports doctor who will help you correctly calculate the dosage taking into account your weight, etc. The greatest activity of the drug is noted after 2-3 hours from the moment of administration. It is mainly used in cycles for the probability of excluding the occurrence of adverse reactions. It is not recommended to be used by athletes suffering from a disease of the cardiovascular system and individual intolerance to one or more components of Anastrozole.

The recommended dosage for the purpose of side effect prevention is 1-2mg per week. If side effects like gynecomastia have already occurred and the purpose of the use of Anastrozole is to treat them, then 1mg daily of the drug should be used until the negative effects subside.

Side effects

If Anastrozole is used incorrectly, such side effects as vomiting, nausea, fever, fatigue, headaches, rash, asthenia and others may occur.

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  1. Bentely Williamson

    Been using Arim and Letro for years now, I need to due to being weak against rising estro levels. I found that the genric Anastrozole seems to be the middle ground for keeping good gains and the levels low. The most recent ones I tried were from Alpha, which was their Anazole 1mgs. These have been great to use and seem to be really effective. I always keep boxes of Ai laying around for my cycles, but now I have stocked up on Alpha’s version of Arim, well the generic Arim, as these I found are the best overall and work really well.

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