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One of the most well-known anabolic steroids used by bodybuilders to gain muscle is Alphabolin, manufactured by Alpha Pharma.

Primobolan (methenolone enanthate) is an effective sports medicine due to its mild and safe effect that makes it a universal drug that can be used by amateur athletes and sportswomen as well as seasoned professionals without running the risk of doing serious harm to their health.

The hormone has shown promise in the treatment of muscle tissue disorders, including osteoporosis. Corticosteroids respond favourably to Primobolan, which inhibits their activity. In some cases, this medication was successful in treating hepatitis and carcinoma.

When compared to testosterone, Primobolan has an anabolic activity of 88% and an androgenic activity of 44%. Following administration, the drug builds up in adipose tissue before releasing the active ingredients into the blood gradually. Although the steroid continues to be active for 10–14 days, doping control permits you to pinpoint your last injection’s date six months later.


Properties and effects of Alphabolin

A Primobolan cycle will give an athlete the following effects:

  • The athlete achieves results without fluid retention by using steroids as part of their athletic preparation.
  • It is discovered that the musculature is dense and has clearly defined contours; When used alone or in conjunction with other drugs in sports pharmacology, the drug enables you to achieve good results both ways.
  • The drug’s active ingredients essentially do not affect the body’s processes for producing natural testosterone. However, the drug’s primary uses are to terminate the AAS cycle or to enhance the quality of muscle mass.


Primobolan depot application and dosage

You should unquestionably seek the counsel of a professional who can accurately determine the duration of admission and dosage before beginning the cycle of taking this medication. Specialists typically advise athletes to take the drug no more than 200–800 mg per week, while women are advised to use no more than 50–100 mg. The half-life is usually between 6 and 7 days. As a result, receiving injections no more than twice per week is advised.


Side effects from Methenolone Enanthate

Primobolan is regarded as a moderate steroid, but during its administration, it is still possible for androgenic side effects to manifest, including:

  • Acne breakouts on the body and face
  • Baldness or hair loss (genetic predisposition plays a significant role in this issue).

Primobolan can make women virilize despite having a moderate anabolic effect. These outcomes comprise:

  • Development of a hoarse voice
  • An increase in male hair
  • The clitoris grows larger

The dosage of the medication and the individual sensitivity of the athlete’s body to the hormone methenolone enanthate are frequently linked to the manifestation of side effects. Most people who take the recommended dosage do not experience any health issues.


Combination with other AAS

This steroid is perfect for combining with other medications in sports pharmacology in addition to being administered alone. You can achieve the best results possible without experiencing any negative effects thanks to this. According to many athletes, using this steroid on its own is uncommon.


Reviews of Alphabolin

Those who compete in sports like bodybuilding, athletics, and others where it’s important to build lean, accentuated muscle mass are particularly fond of Alphabolin. Athletes report that with proper use, the process of getting rid of fat accumulations accelerates, allowing for a more pronounced definition. This steroid is popular among athletes because it has no oestrogenic side effects. Additionally, it does not cause the development of acne, puffiness, or other unfavourable side effects upon reception.





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