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Substance: Isotretinoin (Accutane),
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Brand: Dragon Pharma

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Isotretinoin primarily helps the skin quickly heal itself and treat severe cystic acne cases. Additionally, it is occasionally used to treat skin conditions like cancer and other skin diseases. We have a small amount of this kind of retinol in our bodies. Although it is sold without a prescription in many countries, this medication requires one in the UK. This medication is used by bodybuilders, especially those who smoke, to treat acne-prone skin.


Properties and effects of Accutane

Within a few months of starting isotretinoin therapy, a positive outcome is seen. You can already see a reduction in seborrhoea symptoms and sebaceous duct secretion during the first month. After 3–4 months, the inflammation on the face and body is almost completely gone, and by the end of 5–6 months, the skin has recovered. Typically, one course is enough. In 90% of cases, acne relapses are avoided after receiving isotretinoin therapy. It is possible to enrol in a second course, though, if necessary.


Isotretinoin application and dosage

You must carefully adhere to the dosage recommendations for tablets if you want to buy isotretinoin. The dosage is determined by the athlete’s body weight; 0.5–1 mg of the drug is administered for each kilogramme. Experts advise beginning the course with a dose of at least 20 mg daily. The course can last a maximum of 24 weeks.


Side effects from Accutane pills

Isotretinoin side effects that might occur include:

  • Heightened fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Decreased night-time vision clarity
  • Dry mouth
  • Gingival swelling
  • Aching joints
  • Dryness of the palms and feet


Reviews of Dragon Pharma’s Accutane

Customers give Isotretinoin positive reviews despite the high risks of side effects. Without chewing or holding them in the mouth, tablets should be taken along with fatty foods for improved absorption.





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  1. Ashley Lee

    Found this Dragon Pharma accutane product on clarkenwell-london-com called Accutane. Been running it now for 6 weeks and my skin is looking soo much better. For 10 years have loved my Oxys and Dbols but my mates used to call me acne ashley! Due to my back looking like a pin cussion. After using these tabs, 4 weeks it started to clear and now on week 6, my achne is nearly gone. Can still see scar tissue but over all, I have never had a products be so effective against my cronic skin problems. Highly recommend for anyone who needs to clear up their skin on cycle!

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