Substance: Dihydroboldenone Cypionate,
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Dihydroboldenone cypionate, which is present in the AAS preparation 1-Testocyp-200 from Dragon Pharma, is very well-liked by athletes. It facilitates rapid and effective weight gain and markedly enhanced physical performance. The drug is fantastic for amateur and beginning athletes, in addition to professionals. It can be used in a solo cycle or combined and stacked with other anabolic steroids.

It functions as endogenous testosterone once inside the body. It produces androgenic activity naturally, effectively induces muscle growth, encourages voice coarsening, sharpens aggression, and occasionally increases hairiness. For this reason, this steroid is not suggested for female users because doing so results in virilization. The drug has a half-life of about 6 days.

Properties and effects of 1-Testocyp-200

  • Long-term exposure

Because this medication is a long ester and the molecules break down gradually, it produces a long-lasting effect and does not require repeated injections.

  • Painless injections

Injections are not painful due to the soft oil base. There are no bruising or lumps at the injection sites after the procedure.

  • Benefits for the musculoskeletal system

Exercises that require a lot of strength typically have a very negative impact on the bones and joints. Through the restoration of the micronutrient balance, 1-Testocyp-200 will aid in skeletal strength.

  • High efficiency

Without accounting for the extra fluid retention that the longer ester promotes, an athlete can add 5 to 8 kg of muscle during the cycle.

  • Affordable price

When compared to other anabolic steroids, the drug’s cycle will be significantly less expensive.

The positive effects of taking the drug include:

  • After training, recovery is simple and swift
  • Heightened libido
  • Right at the end of the second week of the cycle, there is a significant increase in mass can be seen.
  • Elevated appetite
  • An uptick in mood and increased energy

1-Testocyp-200 application and dosage

It is advised to only administer injections once a week during the recommended 3-month cycle of treatment. The maximum weekly dose of the medication should be 250 to 500 mg. Keep in mind that increasing the dosage will not improve the outcome; rather, it will only increase the possibility of side effects.

Side effects from Dihydroboldenone Cypionate

The rollback phenomenon is the most glaring flaw. Some bodybuilders claim their natural mass has returned after the cycle is over. What causes this to occur? The issue is that some testosterone esters have the potential to leave the body with fluid retention. Excess water leaves the body after the cycle is finished or the medication is stopped. It frequently accounts for 20–30% of the total weight. The mass will essentially stay at the same level after the water leaves if everything is done correctly, so there won’t be any such effect. The drug’s active component is aromatized.

The accumulation of fatty substances in the body is triggered by excessive oestrogen molecule levels. This may result in gynecomastia and physical changes. This is the rationale behind the fact that women shouldn’t use this steroid.

Keep in mind that a poorly written cycle may yield an entirely different outcome. The most common adverse outcomes are:

  • Voice becomes rougher
  • Acceleration of body and facial hair growth
  • Hair loss

Combination with other AAS

Experts advise combining this medication with nandrolone.

A reduction in the level of endogenous testosterone is a common effect to observe. It’s also crucial to be aware that the removal of AAS lowers libido levels, which is why it’s crucial to receive the proper post-cycle therapy, which will restore testosterone synthesis. The use of the drug Clomid is highly advised for these purposes.


Reviews of Dragon Pharma’s 1-Testocyp-200

The majority of 1-Testocyp-200 reviews are favourable. Athletes continue to favour this drug despite the rollback phenomenon because it has a significant impact on improving training quality, makes working with loads much easier, and gives athletes new opportunities that enable them to set new personal records.





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