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In bodybuilding, anastrozole is utilised at every single level, including both the initial cycle and hormone replacement therapy. The aromatization process, which involves changing male hormones into female ones, must be suppressed with Arimidol.

In essence, anastrozole is a medication that was first utilised to keep female hormonal levels in check. Medical professionals have found a different use in bodybuilding. It is an essential component of any oestrogenic cycle that may cause aromatization.

Since anastrozole is not a steroid, it is inexpensive, and you have nothing to worry about when you receive your delivery in the post.

Arimidol substitutes

It’s common to hear comparisons of formats, such as “anastrozole or tamoxifen,” “anastrozole or Proviron,” etc. However, in reality, these comparisons are not entirely accurate because various drugs have various modes of action.

The medications that block receptors that react to female hormones are tamoxifen and Clomid. While the levels of oestrogen can still be quite high, the body starts to believe that you simply do not have oestrogen receptors.

In order to prevent muscle mass loss, they are used for post-cycle therapy. The level of oestrogen decreases during the intake, but this is not at all related to taking tamoxifen and Clomid.

Since anastrozole prevents the aromatization process from occurring at all, it prevents the level of female hormones from increasing to a high level. Compared to the other SARMs, one of which is tamoxifen, this one has a completely different mode of action.


Properties and effects of Arimidol

  • Qualities that prevent aromatization
  • Gynecomastia suppression in its early stages
  • Avoiding tiredness and sleepiness
  • Controlled removal of extra fluid from the cycle
  • Rapid healing following the cycle (post cycle therapy)
  • Due to the normal balance of male and female hormones, the rate of muscle mass gain is accelerated.


Anastrozole application and dosage

Half a tablet of anastrozole, or 0.5 mg, should be taken every one to two days if you are taking a “cocktail” of easily aromatizable steroids. One tablet every 5–6 days may be the best administration schedule if you have tests available and know that aromatization in your body is not particularly pronounced.

All testosterone esters (propionate, enanthate, cypionate, and others), methane (Dianabol), methyltestosterone, Equipoise, and Halotestin are considered aromatization drugs.

Use in the case of gynecomastia

Take 1 tablet daily until the gynecomastia symptoms subside, if they do (nipple itching, decreased libido, watering, etc.). The use of anastrozole comes with a crucial caveat that only professionals are aware of. The tablets must be taken with water only, on an empty stomach, one hour before a meal for the tablet to be completely digested and for the desired effects to take effect.

Side effects from Arimidex pills

The side effects of anastrozole can be as varied as those of any other drug or medication. It is an excessive aromatization suppressor, to start. A small amount of female hormones is still required by the male body, and an overdose of anastrozole can cause them to completely disappear (zero oestradiol levels), which can be just as harmful as high levels. Because of this, the user should always adhere to the appropriate and suggested dosages of anastrozole.

Combining with your AAS cycles

Of course, in addition to that, post-cycle therapy also makes use of Arimidol 1 mg. When you stop artificially increasing testosterone levels, the body’s rate of aromatization stays high. The medication will stop the remaining testosterone from being converted into oestrogens, preventing the pronounced rollback phenomenon (muscle loss).

Reviews of Phoenix Remedies’ Arimidol

Proviron or anastrozole is a frequent topic of discussion on online forums, but it is easily resolved. This aromatase is only slightly inhibited by Proviron. Only because of its androgenic activity is it used to increase the efficacy of anabolic cycles. It is unable to suppress aromatization in the same way that anastrozole does.





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