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The Phoenix Remedies product Anavario is a great way to reduce fat and give your body a gorgeous texture. The medication makes it possible to get rid of subcutaneous deposits effectively and assists with increasing strength, speed, and endurance.

Properties and effects of Anavario

Professional athletes who follow rigorous training regimens and diets frequently use anabolic steroids with a high anabolic and low androgenic index, such as Anavario. This is how oxandrolone functions:

  • It improves the density and firmness of muscles.
  • The definition and relief of the muscles are improved
  • It encourages the growth hormone to be produced more.
  • Strength and speed are increased.
  • The process of fat burning is facilitated by helping with weight loss.

The drug has an anabolic activity that is 4-6 times greater than natural testosterone. The androgenic effect is also about 75% less. It’s ideal for losing weight but not for building muscle.

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Oxandrolone pill application and dosage

A sports physician should be consulted before beginning steroid use. Additionally, you must strictly follow the guidelines:

The daily starting dose is 20 mg but shouldn’t be exceeded by men to over 80 mg, and women should not exceed 20 mg per day. Physiological and athletic parameters are used to determine the dosage. The dosage for the day is broken up into several doses.

The cycle shouldn’t last longer than four to eight weeks.

You must strictly adhere to the diet and exercise regularly to get the most out of the medication.

You must get post-cycle therapy two days after the cycle is over. Tamoxifen is an excellent choice for this. Take 10 mg every day for one to two weeks.

Side effects from “Var” pills

The drug prevents aromatization and has low toxicity. Negative side effects like gynecomastia, liver damage, and hair loss are therefore ignored. As a result, adverse effects like gynecomastia, liver damage, and hair loss are disregarded. When taken, there may occasionally be a reduction in the amount of natural testosterone produced. Nevertheless, during PCT, boosters are used to offset this effect.

Testicular atrophy may be seen if the dosage and length of the cycle are not adhered to.

Combination with other AAS

You can supplement your Anavar dosage with Sustanon or Primobolan to increase its effects. They will also assist in lessening the adverse impact. Up to 40 mg of additional medication per day may be used.

Reviews of Phoenix Remedies’ Anavario

Because it doesn’t harm the liver and prevents aromatization, this medication is a favourite among bodybuilders and athletes. Athletes also emphasise benefits like good muscle growth, increased speed and endurance, as well as fat burning. It is frequently used to lose fat, gain definition, and get ready for competitions.





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