CosMedix Facials

The benefits of facials are multi-fold, but a good facial should be customised to focus on what your skin needs. At The Well, our experts can recommend which treatment will achieve the results you desire, whether it’s to hydrate dry skin, even skin tone, promote a clear complexion, or restore a youthful glow. We offer a range of facials by Circ-Cell or CosMedix. Explore our CosMedix Facials below.

Incorporating Nobel Prize-winning technologies and pure botanical ingredients, CosMedix sits at the intersection of science and nature, stimulating change deep in the skin to address skin problems and visibly reduce the signs of ageing. CosMedix products are 'chirally correct', with all harsh molecules removed to make them positively active in tackling issues such as blemishes, acne, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles. Our CosMedix chemical peel treatments can be combined with a 20-minute LED light therapy session to maximise the benefits, boosting natural collagen production, stimulating cellular regeneration and increasing vitamin D and serotonin levels.

Cosmedix Benefit Perfector

This gentle exfoliating perfector is designed to reduce skin redness and brighten sensitive skin. Combining plant-based elements such as fruit enzymes, vitamin C, Vitamin A and beta glucan, the Benefit Perfector has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that lend skin a youthful appearance.

Prefect for: Treating rosacea, calming redness and sensitive skin.

From £70

(30 minutes, plus LED options)

Cosmedix Pomegranate Perfector

The Pomegranate Perfector is the perfect post-party pick-me-up. This combination of lactic acid and pomegranate extract is rich in antioxidants, rehydrating lacklustre skin, leaving it brighter and smoother. It also evens out skin tone and mildly stimulates collagen, nurturing the skin.

Perfect for: Dull, dehydrated or lifeless skin.

From £70

(30 Minutes, plus LED options)


The detoxifying Purity Perfector diminishes the appearance of blemishes and calms impure skin, revealing a glowing, dewy, complexion. The blend of encapsulated Retinol AGP Plus and purified acids, including Salicylic acid, L-Lactic acid, L-Mandelic acid and Pyruvic acid, provides deep exfoliation to decongest pores and remove excess oil.

Perfect for: Purifying and decongesting skin, treating acne, and revitalising oily skin.

From £70

(30 minutes, plus LED options)


Packed with antioxidants, lactic acid and encapsulated Retinol, the Timeless Perfector is the Rolls Royce of treatments, working deep in the epidermis to encourage the growth of healthy cells and increase cell turnover. This anti-ageing treatment contains a high level of Lactic acid and Encapsulated Retinol, promoting supple, smooth, younger-looking skin.

Perfect for: Mature skin.

From £70

(30 minutes, plus LED options)



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