In the past, the water well was the centre of community life. It was a meeting place; a place to trade stories; a social hub; and people’s health and wellbeing depended on it. Clerkenwell takes its name from Clerks' Well in Farringdon Lane, where in the Middle Ages, the London Parish clerks performed annual mystery plays, based on biblical themes. Part of the well remains visible, incorporated into Well Court. Set to become the new hub of Clerkenwell, The Well, an urban spa at Clerkenwell London, embodies the characteristics of a community well. It is designed as a space for relaxation, rejuvenation and inspiration, a space for regular indulgence, where wellbeing is the central theme. 

The sage-green walls are based on the principle that green is a soothing colour for the human eye to view. It’s the colour of nature, and at The Well it connects with birch-wood accents and pebbles, enriched by an element of vibrancy in the “Clerkenwell” fabric prints, part of a collaboration with textile designer Charlotte Frances London. 

Treatments at The Well range from signature LED facials to massages, tanning, tinting, waxing and nail treatments, all performed by a small team of personable experts. We believe wellness is about relationships that enhance your experience, whether it’s a moment of blissful relaxation during your lunch break, or a series of revitalising treatments. That’s one of the reasons we carefully curate our spa products, selecting high-performance brands like Circ-Cell Skincare, Cosmedix and British-born Bamford, which all use pure botanical ingredients crafted for the skincare connoisseur. Even our nail polishes, created by Kure Bazaar, are 85% natural. 

Whether alone or with friends, The Well is a space to rewind and unwind, to smooth away tension and soothe the soul.

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The Well offers a range of treatments from facials, manicures, spray tans and waxes.

Opening Times*

Mon-Wed 8.30am - 7pm
Thurs-Fri 8.30am – 8pm
Sat 10am – 7pm

*Appointments before 10am and after 6pm need to be booked in advance.

Email us on
+44 (0)203 372 0460