How To Tell if Someone’s Using Steroids

Using Steroids

How can you tell if someone is using steroids? It’s not always easy to tell if someone is using steroids, but there are certain signs that will give you an idea. We will also give you some advice about how to buy steroids legally in the UK.

Signs Of Steroid Use

Signs Of Steroid Use

Many people think that steroid use is restricted to professional athletes and competitive bodybuilders; however, the majority of people who use steroids don’t fall into those categories. In fact, a lot of steroid users do not want the stereotypical bodybuilder physique and simply want to have a body with better definition.

Below are the common signs of steroid use.

Bloated Gut

A protruding, firm stomach that makes one look pregnant — yes, that could be a sign of steroid use.

It’s called “the GH gut”. It’s what happens when one overuses Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Growth hormones significantly increase muscle mass and strength, sure, but too much can have the effect of making one look… 3 months pregnant.

Although, there are some supplements that steroid users take in order to reduce this side effect. These include Clenbuterol and Liothyronine (T3), which remove fat from the body.

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Constantly Flushed Skin

The best steroids to use for muscle growth, such as Dianabol and Trenbolone, have proven to raise your LDL cholesterol, which may cause you to spike your blood pressure. Redness is a sign that your body temperature is increasing and your blood is flowing more easily to your skin.

Although men with flushed skin can sometimes be seen with a bit of muscle definition, this reddish appearance is more often a result of steroid use.

Steroid users are likely to have higher body temperatures due to their elevated levels of body fat. As a result, they will probably perspire more than others.

If a person has gained a lot of muscle recently and their skin looks like the colour of a tomato, it’s possible they’re using steroids.

Sudden Onset of Acne

If you’re taking steroids, your skin is probably healthy but not great.

Acne is common among steroid users because steroids stimulate the sebaceous glands, which results in increased sebum production. Sebaceous glands are responsible for producing sebum, a waxy substance that blocks out other toxins and bacteria. Too much sebum results in acne breakouts.

Not every steroid user will have acne, to be sure. Some people produce little sebum, so taking steroids won’t really be enough to give them acne breakouts.

If you have the genes for acne, or have experienced acne breakouts as a teenager, then you need to think twice before taking steroids, because it can result in acne breakouts orders of magnitude worse than what you’re used to.

However, there are certain medications that can prevent acne breakouts during steroid use. These include antibiotics like Doxycycline (Doxee), Amoxicillin (Vemox) and also retinoids like Isotretinoin (Accutane or Tretizen).

Visible Vascularity due to steroids use

Visible Vascularity

If you notice that your friend seems to have very defined vascularity, this might be a sign that he or she is using performance enhancing drugs such as Winstrol. Steroid users are often mistaken for bodybuilders, and they have large, visible veins, which is caused by the fact that most steroids cause the body to produce less collagen.

As a bodybuilder’s skin starts to thin, their veins begin to rise closer to the surface of their skin, making them seem much more vascular than normal.


Gynecomastia is basically man boobs. The reason this happens is because of the increased oestrogen levels. Steroid hormones are male sex hormones that are manufactured in the testes and secreted into the bloodstream. Oestrogen, the female sex hormone, become elevated after taking steroids.

When you use steroids, your testosterone levels become high, and to counter this, your body increases oestrogen levels, which is the opposite of what you want, because having high oestrogen levels for prolonged periods will lead to the development of — you got it — boobs.

Some men are genetically prone to develop gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts during puberty. There is nothing you can do about this, but fortunately there are ways to treat these symptoms. Even if you’re not a bodybuilder, you’ll still gain an insane amount of muscle and strength from the right supplements.

Some supplements that can help to reduce the symptoms of gynecomastia are Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid), Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex), Anastrozole (Arimidex), Letrozole (Femara) and Exemestane (Aromasin).

Deep Voice

Women who use steroids can be identified by their voices — it’ll be much lower than other women, and almost like that of a man. They’ll have one of those voices that’s impossible to tell whether they’re a boy or a girl from their voice alone.

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Excess Facial Hair

In some cases, women may even develop facial hair in places where they won’t normally have facial hair, such as their lower lips or chin areas. This is an unfortunate and unwanted side effect of increased levels of testosterone in a woman’s body.

Sudden Increase in Muscle Mass

Not all immediate muscle gain can be attributed to steroids, of course. But it’s a good sign that someone is juicing if they’re developing muscles with incredible speed.

As a matter of fact, steroid users can gain 20-30 pounds of muscle in just a few months, which is crazy when you realize that even experienced bodybuilders will be lucky to put on a pound of muscle a week.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common among steroid users because of the rapid increases in muscle mass they experience. After a few months of using steroids, you’ll notice a lot of new, and very noticeable stretch marks on your body.

Increased Hair Growth All Around Body

Steroid users often grow an insane amount of hair, both on their face and body. This is especially true for female users. They’ll notice hair increasing in areas such as their legs and back, but it is all just a result of the high levels of testosterone.

Hair Loss due to steroids

Hair Loss

The hair growth discussed above unfortunately doesn’t typically include the head area. So while you will have increased hair growth while on steroids, in terms of your head area, you can expect to lose a good amount of hair.

Even though they may not be immediately noticeable, steroids can cause some serious hair loss in both men and women. If you’ve been using steroids for longer than you need to, chances are you’re going to see some visible hair loss from time to time if no treatment is taken.

There are some hair loss treatments that are effective for steroid users. These include the substances Finasteride (Npecia or Proscalpin) and Dutasteride (Dutahair).


Steroids are a great way to gain strength and muscle quickly, but they can also be very harmful if used incorrectly. If you’re looking to get strong and muscular, steroids can be part of your weightlifting routine.

But remember, when you’re using steroids, you’ll experience many of the above side effects if you don’t actively try to prevent them. To purchase any supplement mentioned in this article with a credit card, you can visit Our UK Online Shop to buy steroids, as well as other helpful drugs, legally online with speedy delivery in the UK.

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