What services do you send:

Sending is carried out by UK mail, branches of this courier service are present in every city. If you want to receive the package in another way, inform the manager.

What are the delivery times:

Delivery time – 3-8 days from the date of payment.

Is it safe to receive the parcel in the mail?

We pack the package very well and never indicate in the content description the actual contents of the shipment. You can be calm when you receive your package. There were no real cases when an ordinary recipient had problems with the law and its representatives. If you have concerns or questions about this section, consult your manager for advice.

Who pays for the delivery of the order and when?

Shipping cost is paid by the recipient (you). Typically, shipping charges start at ? 15.

When and how will I receive the package track code?

Usually we send tracks at night on the day of sending or the next day in the morning. Tracks come to the e-mail specified at registration and phone.