The Best Anabolic Steroids for Strength and Muscle Growth

Best Anabolic Steroids for Strength and Muscle Growth

This is not the most favourable topic for the article, but the most popular among readers. The paradox is that a discussion of the use and abuse of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) may suggest that they are the only determining factors in the high achievements of bodybuilders and other athletes.

This encourages the illegal use of steroids by naive adolescents and young people, gives readers the temptation to choose, encourages the illegal distribution of AAS, which benefits unscrupulous people, making it difficult for the controlled use of these drugs to be prescribed. However, readers are looking for real benefits that are achievable only with the use of AAS – an increase in the effectiveness of training in combination with a proper diet and lifestyle. The reward for many people who use AAS is not only physical development, but also an increase in social status, financial benefits, the possibility of finding a job, improving their own safety, self-esteem and even health (with a reasonable dosage).

There are three things that are most in demand among young people who use anabolic steroids: strength, power and size. Most of these people tend to get all these three components at once. Strength and power are often used synonymously, but there is a difference between them. Power is the most significant indicator for athletic performance, we are talking about the magnitude of muscle strength, which can develop per by the minute. High Jump is a widely used test for determining power. Strength is the magnitude of the effort exerted in a single movement. This is best illustrated by a one-shot maximum in bench press, squats or deadlifts.

Strength Measurement

Power and force measurement

Both force and power can be measured in absolute and relative terms. For example, a 110-pound powerlifter in a bench press of 225 kg is stronger than an 80-pound athlete who presses 180 kg. Nevertheless, an 80-pound athlete has a greater relative strength, since his maximum figure, divided by his own weight, is greater (180/80 = 2.25 versus 225/110 = 2.04). Similarly, many athletes are capable of generating more power, despite the fact that they are relatively weaker than other powerlifters. This confuses the term “powerlifting” a bit, right? Take, for example, the core pusher.

He may be able to push the core 20 meters or more, while a powerlifter, whose strength is much greater, will not be able to push the core half that distance either.

This demonstrates that strength is a combination of skill with the symmetrical and coordinated actions of numerous muscle groups, as well as the speed at which effort can be generated.

Strength is a rather crude measure of assessing motor skills, which can be obtained in a controlled ascent involving large muscle groups.

An indicator such as muscle size is perhaps most applicable to bodybuilders and most amateur powerlifters who are more interested in appearance, than strength. Bodybuilding is a sport that demonstrates the result of focused disciplined adherence to training and diet, but at the heart of it is a show. While a healthy lifestyle and improved physical and mental health are widely promoted, many are more motivated by the appearance and the size of the muscles. Size can be estimated by several parameters: body weight, arm / chest / thigh circumference, clothing size, specific indicators such as symmetry. Bodybuilding also takes into account the indicator of “dry” muscle mass in relation to the total body weight of the athlete.

Combination of Several Steroids

Combination of several drugs

Most articles of this type will focus on individual AAS, which, at first glance, provides both size, strength and power. This is not a hands-on experience of using AAS. Of course, for most neophytes, one drug, which is part of the course, which will be briefly covered in this article, will be enough. However, in order to build up substantial muscle mass and get the optimal result, as a rule, a combination of several drugs is required. There is a saying: “There is no better course than your first course.”

AAS drugs only contribute to better tolerance of training stress and an increase in the combination of intensive training and a regular good diet.

When discussing individual AAS drugs that contribute to increasing strength, power and muscle size, it is important to take into account the long-term experience of AAS users and get the maximum benefit from the use of these medications. Before discussing performance enhancement with AAS, you need to take care of the right workouts, have a balanced diet and the right lifestyle.

As stated, AAS drugs only contribute to better tolerance within intensive training sessions and an increased combination of your training and diet. Thus, anyone who takes AAS must understand that these two factors are dominant, and must also outweigh everything.

In practice, most steroid users cannot fully realize their potential, precisely for this indicated reason, believing that to solve this problem it is also necessary to take drugs of a different class (somatropin, IGF-1, insulin, etc.) For neophytes, taking only one AAS (solo), there are definitely differences in effectiveness between which AAS they use to stimulate the development of strength, volume and power. However, the neophyte is primarily guided by factors such as accessibility and the ease of use.

This explains the popularity of oral AAS, in particular drugs such as Dianabol, Winstrol and Anadrol-50.

East German Doping Scheme

East German Doping Scheme

Consider the doping schemes that were used in the 1960-1980s in East Germany (the former GDR), where, as some documents disclosed, there was a state sports development program in which children aged 10 years and younger were legally allowed to take AAS in order to ensure a quick result and rapid elimination of the drug from the body, certain injectable AAS were also allowed (for example, testosterone propionate, nandrolone phenylpropionate, etc.). The list of drugs for oral use included Dianabol, Turinabol, and primarily Mestanolone.

The drugs were used in dosages that are used today in recreational medicine (10-60mg per day) and, along with minimal health consequences, led to the obvious progress in physical development. The doping program was used both for athletes and for teenage athletes.

With these relatively non-specific AASs, East Germany has gone from defeating and bankruptcy of the country after World War II to national pride in Olympic victories. Of course, athletes from other countries also used similar programs, but not as an organized, methodical and government-supported event.

The current controversial scandal over WADA and IAAF, the essence of which is that Russia (and is it only Russia?) Widely uses doping in training athletes, which has led to numerous exclusions of athletes from international competitions. This is reminiscent of the situation prevailing at the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games.

Returning to the topic, Dianabol and similar AAS were very effective in increasing strength and power, as evidenced by the gold medals of East German athletes.

It is interesting to note that in East Germany, low dosage protocols were used mainly by representatives of those sports where success depends more on technology than on strength. AAS, used in the GDR, have shown high efficiency in building muscle volumes. The most pronounced effect was given by Stanozolol and Oxandrin, although from it the increase in mass was slightly lower, but the increase in power indicators was higher. At one time, the famous athlete Ben Johnson was deprived of the Olympic award due to the fact that Stanozolol was found in his blood. Many Major League Baseball players were also disqualified as a result of a positive test for taking Stanozolol.

Aromatizing AAS vs Non Aromatizing

Flavoring AAS vs.  Flavoring

One of the factors distinguishing AAS used by bodybuilders in pre-competition training and AAS used by representatives of other sports is the property of these drugs, as aromatization. Aromatizing AAS are drugs that can be converted into estrogenic metabolites in the body, which can cause gynecomastia and other negative side effects.

Nevertheless, the stimulation of oestrogen production is necessary to achieve maximum muscle size, but, however, this area has not yet been fully studied and requires further research.

That is why in the meat industry, for example, on cattle farms, Tibolone, which contains the female sex hormone, or Revalor-S (a combination of trenbolone and estradiol) is often used. In bodybuilding, aromatizing steroids are also among the best for gaining muscle mass, which is confirmed by numerous practice.

Suppression of estradiol with aromatase inhibitors reduces the effectiveness of the steroid course aimed at maximizing muscle growth.

For athletes who need strength, power and muscle volume, you need to use a combination of several drugs, as mentioned earlier. Often this is just a combination of aromatizing and non-aromatizing drugs.

In addition to a combination of two or more AAS, other adjuvants are usually used (depending on the athlete’s tolerance).

It should be noted that none of these schemes is compatible with negligence and must be strictly calculated when adding two substances together.

In addition, the more complex and prolonged the courses or the higher the dosage, the greater the risk of side effects, which grows exponentially. This is why choosing the correct structured substances for your cycle is key!

Basic Drugs to Increase the Impact of Training

Basic drugs to increase the impact of training

Athletes with access to a wide range of doping drugs often practice courses (or their continuous use) of the basic drugs with the periodic addition of drugs with a more specific effect. A similar list of basic drugs was used by athletes who were caught doping during the scandal surrounding the BALCO laboratory.

(US authorities drew attention to the activities of this laboratory after the sports world learned about the existence of a new previously unknown drug THG, created specifically so that athletes could hide the traces of the presence of doping in the blood).

Power athletes must consider the weight restrictions prescribed by the weight categories.

The increase in muscle volume in such athletes should be very moderate: either in order to keep within the weight category, or to ensure the best balance and symmetry in bodybuilding.

Of course, representatives of sports that require the development of endurance need several other drugs to achieve their goals.

Basic drugs are essentially necessary to increase the body’s regenerative abilities, the ability to endure heavy workouts, diets and help improve metabolism, reduce the symptoms of depression, insomnia, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance and so on.

Power athletes are often prone to injuries, overtraining, various inflammations, chronic fatigue, and many other adverse factors. Testosterone, the injection of which is part of the complex cycle of security athletes undergoing doping tests, most often acts as a base steroid. Although oral medications can be used for physiological support and to increase the concentration of testosterone.

Testosterone helps maintain metabolic processes in the body, ensures the normal functioning of the endocrine and nervous system.

Many athletes take aromatase inhibitors and SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, selective oestrogen receptor modulators), such as Nolvadex. Such AAS drugs are used to minimize the risk of increased Estrogen levels. Nevertheless, it is important not only to suppress the production of oestrogen, in particular estradiol, but also to eliminate problems associated with blood lipids, glucose tolerance, increase the antioxidant defence of the body, take care of the cognitive sphere and support of the nervous system. Many drugs that stimulate the growth of strength indicators and muscle volume are used incorrectly or abused. Such drugs include insulin, growth hormone, IGF-1, beta-2 agonists and non-specific stimulants, for example, Clenbuterol, Adderal and others.

The Best AAS Drugs for Increasing Strength, Power and Size

The best AAS for increasing strength, increasing power and increasing size

To summarize and answer the question about which AAS drugs are the best for increasing strength, increasing power and increasing muscle volume at the same time.

For these drugs, the dose-response relationship is important. In other words, what will be better for improving athletic performance, may not be the best factor for the athlete’s health.

The choice of such drugs will always be based on their availability, so there is no point in discussing THG or Nebivolol – AAS, which became famous thanks to the scandal around the BALCO laboratory and synthesized to order for a selected group of athletes. Perhaps they are available, but not to a wide circle of athletes, and you will certainly not be able to buy them in the locker room at your gym.

AAS, which are most often used by visitors to gyms, is Trenbolone, Anadrol-50 and Testosterone Propionate. This list may surprise many, but we will discuss each of these drugs.

Trenbolone, in its chemical composition related to THG, promotes muscle growth and differentiation of satellite cells, followed by the fusion of myoblasts into muscle fibres. This steroid also contributes to the growth of “lean” muscle mass. Thanks to these properties, Trenbolone has gained popularity among professional athletes and Olympians. Anadrol-50 (Anapolon) is an extremely powerful AAS that provides rapid growth in size and strength, it can be used in peak dosage immediately before or after training. Anapolon also affects the mood and mental state, increases the aggressiveness and tolerance of pain. Unfortunately, this drug is hepatotoxic (toxic to the liver) and can lead to impaired liver function. Excessive doses of this drug can contribute to outbreaks of rage and aggressive behaviour.

Testosterone propionate is an Aromatizing AAS and has the greatest scatter in peaks and drops in testosterone levels after injections, its peaks are the sharpest. With prolonged use, it leads to an excess of testosterone and has its inherent side effects, and is also converted to estradiol.

This AAS list is effective and relatively affordable. Once again, it should be noted that this article is not a recommendation for the use or approval of taking steroid drugs. Do not forget that taking anabolic steroids is fraught with numerous risks. You must do your research on your designated substances and then adopt a good and stable doping and training routine, but with cation, for the best results.

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